Build the best digital experience - and do it efficiently

Your digital experience is measured by its success generating revenue, whether that’s through conversion, activation, or retention. Heap’s Digital Insights Platform gives you the tools to get there - automatically, and without the need for engineers or analysts.

With Heap, you drive more revenue while decreasing engineering costs. It’s the easy way to maximize your team’s value.

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Lower your engineering overhead

Heap automatically collects nearly all behavioral data from your product or site — no engineering time needed. Your engineers stay focused on high-value tasks, and you still end up with more data than any other tool can deliver.

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Let data science be your guide

Our advanced data science capabilities automatically surface key moments of friction and opportunity in your digital experience, then direct you to the changes that turn your product or site into a conversion machine. 

No more waiting for answers. No more wasting time and money on the wrong bets. Just the right insights, faster and easier.

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Quantitative Insights and Qualitative Tools, in a single platform

Only Heap gives you a complete view of your customers by integrating qualitative product analytics data with quantitative tools like Session Replays and Voice of the Customer. 

With Heap, there’s no need to buy multiple tools — it’s all the insights you need in a single package.

Translate KPIs into ROI.

  • All the data, all the time

    Other tools deliver a mere fraction of user behavior. You can’t trust insights that come from an incomplete set of data!

  • Find patterns that matter

    Data science automatically locates hidden opportunities with the greatest potential for impact.

  • Complete context

    Without data, you’re guessing about what needs to change. Heap shows you who is visiting your digital experience, what they’re doing, and why.

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Heap saved us $50k-100k in ads. We were buying bad traffic and had no idea. We looked at the behaviors after sign up in Heap and realized it was all nonsense bot behavior. We were just about to increase ad spend and Heap saved us!

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Ben Rometsch