Missing key insights? Your competitors aren’t.

Digital experiences are developing faster than ever. More companies are delivering great ones, quickly. What will keep you from getting left behind? Insights.

Heap shows you things that other tools can't. We give you the power to build an irresistible product or site. And the guidance for making the right decisions, before your competitors get to them first.


See the "unknown unknowns" that other tools can’t find

Heap’s data science capabilities pinpoints insights other tools can’t see. It’s the only tool that shows you where—specifically—users encounter friction on your product or site, then guides you to the fixes that most impact the business.

The Heap Digital Insights Platform is comprised of three integrated layers to power insights generation that fuels business success. Built on top of a complete and trusted Data Foundation, the Insights layer powered by Heap Illuminate mines customer data and reveals hidden friction and optimization opportunities. The Actions layer provides direct integrations to third party systems to automate customer engagement as well as downstream analysis in the cloud data warehouse of your choice.

A complete behavioral dataset + data science + qualitative analytics

Can you answer everything about what your users do and why? With Heap, you can.

Heap automatically captures nearly all behavioral data from your product or site, giving you a complete set of data. Then we add data science to tell you where to look, and qualitative analytics (like session replay) to give you instant context. The result?

  • No more guessing about your users

  • Know what changes will drive impact

  • See what features move the needle

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How do you build a best-in-class digital experience? Data.

What makes your product stand out in a sea of similarity? Advanced knowledge about user behavior.

What features do your customers use? Where do they get stuck? What should you double down on?

With Heap, it’s easy to answer these questions. Immediately, then use this information to push you past your competition.

Translate KPIs into ROI.

  • All the data, all the time

    Other tools deliver a mere fraction of user behavior. You can’t trust insights that come from an incomplete set of data!

  • Find patterns that matter

    Data science automatically locates hidden opportunities with the greatest potential for impact.

  • Complete context

    Without data, you’re guessing about what needs to change. Heap shows you who is visiting your digital experience, what they’re doing, and why.

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The world is undergoing a rapidly evolving digital transformation— to meet that change we need to constantly innovate our products. Heap allows us to quickly answer questions and iterate our approach each and every day.


Brandon Walsh

Customer & Product Analytics Manager