Understand what users are doing, see why.

Only Heap's digital insights platform pinpoints hidden friction across the entire customer journey and takes you to the replay of that exact moment - with one click.

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Website with various lines to important user tracking points such as pageview, form fill, click, tap and/or swipe. All data is directed to the Heap logo.

Build a better digital experience with Heap

Heap is the only digital insights platform that gives you complete understanding of your customers’ digital journeys, so you can quickly improve conversion, retention, and customer delight. Here's how:

  • It tells you who uses your product, and how.

  • It lets you segment users to personalize their interactions.

  • It identifies moments of friction in your product, and helps you diagnose them.

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If there’s high drop-off in a funnel, Heap’s session replay just shows you exactly why without any additional analysis.

Customer quote image - VP of Research and Design, SanityDesk

Krzysztof Rusnarczyk, VP of Research and Design, SanityDesk

Don’t build on assumptions, build on reality

Heap is the only solution that shows you every action by every user on your product or site, then provides direction on the improvements that will most impact your business.

  • A single platform for data-driven decisions

    Other solutions give you quantitative or qualitative tools. Heap integrates the two, giving you complete visibility into everything your users do.

    It’s a new paradigm for data-driven decision-making.

  • Direction on key investments

    Heap’s data science tools show you the alternate paths users take, the amount of effort it takes users to get through any flow, and the events that most correlate with conversion and retention. Automatically.

    There is no other solution on the market that gives this insight on what to fix and how.

  • A Complete Set of Behavioral Data

    Heap collects all the data on your customers - automatically. What they click. Where they go. What they do, even when you’re not looking. All without the need for engineers.