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2023: Data Decoded

The Heap Digital Insights Report

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Solving mysteries, for digital experience teams

One of the top questions we get from prospects and customers is “how do other teams do things?” So we slipped on our decoder rings and went to find out. Now we’re sharing everything with you.

Welcome to the first annual Heap Digital Insights Report. In it, we go undercover to find out what tools digital experience teams use, what processes they run, how they gather and share data, and what problems they face. To build it, we assembled:
  • A market survey of product and digital experience teams
  • A survey of existing Heap customers
  • Proprietary (and anonymized) data from our own platform

The Heap Digital Insights Report

What follows are key highlights from the report. If you’d like to read more feel free to download the whole report.

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Data-informed decision-making

Teams across verticals want to use data to make better decisions. But they face many obstacles.
of respondents say they could be making more data-informed decisions
Data informed graph. 
What Keeps you from making more data-informed decisions?
42% We don't have enough resources
35% No culture of using data
34% We don't have the right tools
30% No mandate to use data
28% We're already data-informed

Tech Stacks

We asked how teams’ tech stacks have changed over the past year, and what problems they’re facing.
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How has your tech stack changed in the last year?
40% Added more tools
30% Same amount of tools
22% We have fewer tools
32% Tech stack budget went up
24% Tech stack budget stayed the same
16% Tech stack budget went down
6% No change

What concerns you most about your current stack?
62% It takes too much time to extract meaningful insights from the data
60% It's difficult to consolidate and organize data across different tools?
51% Tools do not communicate well with one another
50% It doesn't collect all the data I need
49% It's difficult to extract meaningful insights from the data
27% Our data isn't trustworthy
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Are you aware of your core metrics? Do you know them right now?

We wanted to know how many teams have core metrics, and how aware they are of them.
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Does your department have a set of core metrics that you evaluate regularly?
92% Yes
6% Maybe
2% NoA person speaking into a talk bubble with a pie graph inside.
Are you aware of what those core metrics numbers are right now?
63% Yes
20% No, but I could look them up
13% No, and it would take me horus
3% I am rarely aware of them
0% I am never aware of them

Data Silos

Data silos are everywhere. But the reasons for them? All over the map.
of teams report having data silos between teams, orgs, or business units
3 identification cards which represent personas (data analytics, marketing, product)If you have data silos, what are the main causes?
56% No cross-functional collaboration
51% No cross-functional communication
44% Our tools can't share data
43& No mandate to share data
38% Not enough resources to share data
35% No culture of sharing data
32% We don't collect enough data
1% Other

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