Heap for Retail and eCommerce

Heap was built to give retail and eCommerce teams a leg up on conversion. Automatic data collection, self-serve analysis, and data science give you the tools to eliminate remove friction and give customers an irresistible digital experience. Heap + Contentsquare has the recipe for retail and eComm success. Learn more.


Over 10,000 companies accelerate conversion with Heap

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Heap funnel chart with Step Suggestion

Analytics to understand everything

With Heap and Contentsquare, you get a complete view of what your users do, where they get stuck, and what precents them from converting. - Analytics - Heatmaps - Session Replays - Journeys And more. It's the only way to maximize the opportunities for conversion and LTV.

The Heap Digital Insights Platform is comprised of three integrated layers to power insights generation that fuels business success. Built on top of a complete and trusted Data Foundation, the Insights layer powered by Heap Illuminate mines customer data and reveals hidden friction and optimization opportunities. The Actions layer provides direct integrations to third party systems to automate customer engagement as well as downstream analysis in the cloud data warehouse of your choice.

Build a website users can't resist

Build the best shopping experience possible by understanding who’s visiting your website, what they’re doing, and why. Visualize shopper journeys using Heap's session replay. Heap’s Digital Insights Platform answers questions like: - What behaviors drive conversion, repeat purchases, and brand loyalty?
- Where should you allocate spend based on channels that drive the highest LTV?

Website with various lines to important user tracking points such as pageview, form fill, click, tap and/or swipe. All data is directed to the Heap logo.

Fix cart abandonment

Track and analyze all checkout behaviors fix cart abandonment. Pinpoint key reasons for dropoff, surface seasonal trends, and see which behaviors most correlate with purchase. Then test and iterate to raise average order value.


Endless integrations to put your customer data to work

Built-in integrations with Salesforce, Shopify, Marketo, and other best-of-breed tools automatically combine Heap data with purchase data, so you can easily track the full customer journey, from first visit to repeat purchase. For teams who blend data, Heap Connect automatically sends organized behavioral data into Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery. Learn about the Heap + Shopify integration.

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Now that we have Heap, we have visibility into everything. We’re making constant changes to our merchandising slots, content, design–and with Heap we can keep up.


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  • Amway cultivates a data-driven culture using Heap

  • Huel increases new customer conversions by 30% with Heap

  • Figs

    FIGS uses Heap + Shopify to increase conversion rates

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