Build a digital experience that converts across the funnel

Heap gives growth marketers the tools to produce outstanding digital experiences. Attract the right users, give them reasons to convert, and keep them engaged at all stages of the funnel.

Solutions - PM Teams - Path Comarison

Understand user activation

Use engagement analytics to quickly see which features drive activation of new users, and how that translates to full product adoption. Know which features to promote, and how those activities lead to down-funnel activity.

Solutions - Marketing Teams - Conversion by Page

Build pages that convert

Easily track engagement on your landing pages in real-time with our out-of-the-box dashboards. Confidently know not only which variations perform best, but also see why - so you can double down on the winning ones.

Solutions - Marketing Teams - Segments

Precise user segmentation

Use behavioral insights to segment your users. Let their behaviors guide you. Then use this information to craft messages that convert at every user touchpoint.

Getting started is easy

Start today and elevate your analytics from reactive reporting to proactive insights. What are you waiting for?