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Drive conversions by creating unstoppable customer journeys

Heap Dashboards: instant insight on critical metrics

All the answers you need, without waiting on engineers

Want to answer questions like “Which channel is showing the best conversion volume?,” "Which campaign has the best retention rate?,” or “Where are people dropping off and why?” — by yourself, and at the speed of thought?

Just ask a developer to install our free snippet on your website. From that moment forward, Heap will automatically collect all the data you need to drive growth. 

By “all the data” we mean even questions you hadn't thought about when installing, but want to answer instantly, later on.

Learn how Digital Insights makes marketing easier and more efficient!

Solutions - PM Teams - Path Comarison

Understand which journeys perform better and why

From CTAs to Sign Ups, improving the digital experience at each stage of your funnels is a key growth lever for any digital marketer. 

Heap takes you one step further and lets you jump directly to replays of the drop-off or conversion moments at every step of any funnel.

Solutions - Marketing Teams - Conversion by Page

Build pages that convert

Easily track engagement on your landing pages in real-time with our out-of-the-box dashboards. Confidently know not only which variations perform best, but also see why - so you can double down on the winning ones.

Solutions - Marketing Teams - Segments

Target and retarget like a pro

High campaign and landing page performance is all about the art and science of segmentation and timing.

Heap helps you segment users by source, demographics, behavior, conversion, and drop-off points, so you can automatically serve them with the right message at the right time through the integration of your choice.  

From driving new traffic volumes, to better nurturing or conversion, Heap helps you ensure your message resonates and drives impact.

Solutions - Marketing Teams - Dashboards and Collab

Share and communicate your impact across the org

Use Heap’s out-of-the-box dashboard templates (from acquisition to signup, conversion, and more) to map your journey and baseline its performance quickly.

All of our charts, reports, and replays can be instantly shared with stakeholders, as well as modified easily for others to understand their context. Heap helps you break cross-functional silos so that you can drive better business impact, faster.

Getting started is easy

Start today and elevate your analytics from reactive reporting to proactive insights. What are you waiting for?