Heap for Financial Services

Now that financial services are transacted online, companies need to offer compelling digital experiences and product offerings that are discoverable and easy to use.

‎ Heap helps financial services companies pinpoint the behaviors that turn visitors into customers and identify the greatest opportunities to expand customer share of wallet over time.


Over 8,000 companies expand share of wallet with Heap

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Analysis of effort for different user touchpoints on financial services website.

Transform your customer journey, from first account to a lifetime of transactions

Build the best digital experience for your customers by understanding how account holders engage with specific features. Heap’s Digital Insights Platform answers questions like:

  • Does sending a friendly reminder to link a bank account during account setup improve customer acquisition?

  • Does a feature tour powered by an in-app guide improve retention for new account holders?

  • How does the mobile experience affect cross-selling and upselling opportunities compared to web?

With each insight from Heap, FinServ teams move the big levers of growth: acquisition, conversion, retention, and expansion.

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We wanted to answer questions like, ‘how many people took x, y, z actions in this order.’ For that, we needed a better, more flexible tool.

Alan D'Souza, Director of Product Analytics

Alan D’Souza

Director of Product Analytics

Maximize conversions and increase customer lifetime value

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Invest smarter by surfacing the opportunities that matter most

In financial services, understanding customer journeys is paramount. Heap uses powerful data science to unveil hidden friction points and untapped opportunities, enabling you to optimize your funnel and outpace the competition.

Gain deep insights into customer paths and motivations. Enhance your funnel and drive success in the competitive financial services landscape.


Heap enabled us to identify and eliminate friction in the customer experience. When Heap showed us how the fourth step in our funnel was broken we were able to make meaningful improvements that resulted in a seven-figure lift in new issued principal annually.

OppFi, Matt Gomes

Matt Gomes

Senior Director of Marketing

Crossplatform Journeys- FinServ

Bank on a holistic understanding of cross-platform journeys

Users today have complex journeys that span across mobile and web. It is essential for financial services companies to thoroughly understand the impact of these cross-platform experiences.

With Heap, you can see how each platform and flow influences your users by seeing everything, everywhere all at once in Heap. Easily compare behaviors across your site, product, and mobile app. Get insight into user preferences by building clean segments and user cohorts.

Visualize your customer's journey using Heap's session replay. The path to building better customer experiences has never been clearer.

Cash in on insights for everyone with self-service analytics

Don’t let limited engineering resources or messy tracking plans block your organization from game-changing insights.

Heap automatically captures most customer interactions across your site, product, and mobile app, empowering non-technical teams to manage a complete set of user events without the need to touch the codebase. 

Seamlessly combine autocaptured and manually captured data to comprehensively understand your customers' journey.

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Speed with Precision: The winning combination for Financial Services

Download our guide for leveraging data in Financial Services. Discover how data can energize enterprise Financial Services teams to pivot quickly, stay in touch with your customers, and accelerate past the competition.

With the right data used in the right way, you can build the best digital patient experience while ensuring data is compliant and safe.

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"Before, it was a lot of ‘Give me the big dataset and let me sift through it,’ but with Heap, it’s ‘This was what I really wanted to know.’


Alex Welch

Director of Business Analytics


Power an entire data ecosystem

Whether you are a small FinTech startup or a large global financial services company, Heap brings behavioral data into your existing tools so you can immediately act on the insights you uncover.

Heap Activate automatically integrates with best-of-breed customer engagement platforms to help you personalize cross-channel messaging based on user behavior.

Heap Connect automatically integrates behavioral data with your Snowflake, Redshift, or BigQuery instance, so you can do advanced analysis in your BI tool of choice.


We almost take it for granted now that every new feature that goes out has analytics on it so we can quickly see if people use it or not. That’s something we couldn’t take for granted a couple of years ago.

Joe Pfeiffer

Joe Pfeiffer

VP of Product

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    E*TRADE's analytics team delivers insights with Heap

  • Northwestern Mutual becomes data-driven with Heap

  • Esurance saves $225K a month using Heap