Heap for Product Teams

Build digital experiences users love


Know what your users are doing, anytime, anywhere - even things you’ve never imagined

Forgot to track something?

Assumed you knew how users engaged with your product, but turns out you didn’t?

Heap’s got your back! We capture every click, view, and form fill automatically, with a single snippet that takes just minutes to install.

Get real-time access to everything users are doing, even retroactive data across the entire journey, without waiting for additional instrumentation or data collection.

Don’t get lost in your data — quickly find actionable insights

Know exactly where to start your analysis. Heap’s data science layer automatically sifts through your entire dataset and highlights high-impact moments. Discover missed steps, alternate paths to conversion, and areas of friction with ease. 

Spend less time wrangling data and more time driving results.

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You’ve found the friction in your journey. Now what?

Enhance your journey analysis with Heap’s intuitive visual feedback from session replay and heatmaps.

See exactly how users engage with your product or website so you can discover not just where they get stuck, but why. Use these insights to quickly take action on optimizing your full user journey.

Roadmapping got you down?

With Journeys, you can optimize your roadmap for maximum adoption and engagement. By visually mapping user paths, you can identify valuable features to further invest in.

No more guessing what features to prioritize. Heap makes it easy to assess business impact so you can easily scope and prioritize efforts. Say goodbye to roadmapping struggles and hello to a more efficient and effective product development process.

Solutions - Break Silos

Move fast and break silos - communicate your learnings across teams

Unleash the power of self-serve real-time analytics across your entire company — from Engineering, Product, and Design to Marketing, Sales, and Success teams.

With the Heap dashboard templates, no-code queries, and customizable charts, anyone can answer questions at the speed of thought and share actionable insights across the org.

Getting started is easy

Start today and elevate your analytics from reactive reporting to proactive insights. What are you waiting for?