Smarter, more confident product bets

The best SaaS companies use behavioral data to figure out what to build next, all while getting teammates and stakeholders on board.

Heap helps product, marketing, and customer success teams get closer to their customers, ship confidently, and grow adoption fast.

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Quantify, watch, and fix broken workflows in your product:

  • Which features are getting the least usage and why?

  • How widespread is a customer-reported issue, and what’s the impact?

  • Did a recently launched experiment have the intended effect?

With Heap, you can watch sessions of users struggling with a feature, then immediately identify how often it’s happening in other accounts.

Illustration of Heap Illuminate providing a step suggestion during a site's conversion flow.

Surface the opportunities that matter most, faster than the competition

Moving fast is the name of the game. But how do you know what changes generate the biggest impact? How can you make the case for certain roadmap tradeoffs? Heap Illuminate evaluates every journey every user has ever taken on your site or product to surface the hidden friction points and opportunities that have the greatest impact on your business. Our automated insights tell you where to look to find the most critical product improvements right away.


Without Heap, we wouldn’t have been able to understand this was even an issue, or understand the points of significant friction, let alone measure the details of the problem.

Grow, Alan Winters

Alan Winters

VP of Product

Iterate and innovate like never before

With Heap, you have full control to run experiments:

  • Watch user sessions to generate experiment ideas, and then quantify them to find the most impactful ideas. 

  • Connect to one of Heap’s A/B testing integrations, including Optimizely, Google Optimize, and VWO, in < 5 minutes to quickly run an experiment and measure the outcome.

Build dashboards to share results with stakeholders, and use Autocaptured data to isolate key  differences between experiment and control groups


Integrations loved by SaaS teams everywhere

Heap automatically integrates user behavioral data with the SaaS tools you know and love. Personalize a feature announcement or onboarding flow with Appcues, Chameleon, and WalkMe. Enrich customer and account data with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Clearbit. Send out customer emails triggered by product behaviors using Marketo, Salesforce, and Hubspot. You can also blend product data with other  business data using Heap’s managed ETL that automatically delivers behavioral data to your data warehouse.

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We love Heap because Autocapture combined with Heap Illuminate gives us every insight we need for agile experimentation.

Jack Canning Headshot

Jack Canning

Senior Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization

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    Freshworks improves feature adoption by 20% with Heap

  • Klaviyo

    Klaviyo unlocks data for their entire organization with Heap

  • Xandr Logo

    Xandr expands its reach with Heap and Appcues

  • A/B testing

    With Heap + Optimizely, you can measure your A/B test’s effect on the entire customer experience.

    Rapidly identify areas for experimentation, evaluate their impact, and generate hypotheses without relying on developer resources.

  • In-app guides

    With Heap + Appcues, you can quickly identify points of friction and send in-app messages to guide users through the product experience.

    Increase adoption and improve time-to-value by guiding users to key features and offering proactive support.

  • Personalization

    Heap Activate automatically integrates user behavioral data with other best-of-breed marketing automation tools so you can immediately act on insights.

    Group users based on their behavior in your product, then use those segments to personalize users’ experiences through targeted campaigns.

  • Account health

    Heap’s Salesforce Connector makes it easy to enrich users and account information in Heap, powering account health analysis and dashboards.

    Segment customers and measure account health using quantifiable and detailed product usage data.

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