Great Saas products are built with data

Heap shows you every action every user takes on your product, so you can confidently improve engagement, conversion, and retention.

Instantly know what product investments will most impact the business.

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A full view of your users

The platform of Heap + Contentsquare gives you every possible way of understanding what your users do and want. On any platform - desktop, mobile, tablet, and more. Product analytics, heatmaps, session replay, voice of customer, and more: it's the solution that truly empowers you to build something your users love and return to. Learn how Heap + Contentsquare works.

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Boost adoption, engagement, and conversion

Heap is built to handle all your Saas use cases: - Understand what behaviors correlate with adoption, conversion, and retention – See where users get stuck, what features they gravitate towards, and which workflows deliver the most value - See (with Journeys) the complex paths users take through your product, and the impact each has on conversion It's a crystal ball for building a successful product.

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Capture the most complex journeys - even across devices

oday's users expect a seamless experience across web and mobile. With Heap, you can track and understand their behaviors everywhere. - Which activities do users want to do on mobile, and which on web? - How does behavior change across platforms? - Where do they get stuck, and which investments are best optimized for which platform? Usage is changing. With Heap, you'll stay on top of it all.


Integrations everywhere

Personalize a feature announcement or onboarding flow with Appcues, Chameleon, and WalkMe. Enrich customer and account data with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Clearbit. Send out customer emails triggered by product behaviors using Marketo, Salesforce, and Hubspot. You can also blend product data in your data warehouse with Connect, Heap’s managed ETL. Whatever you want to do, we have the integration you need.

Built for Saas teams of all sizes

  • Automatically capture all behavioral data

    Heap automatically collects your data with a single Javascript snippet. No engineers needed. Have all the data you want, always.

  • View behavior on an account level

    With Account-Based Analysis (ABA), you can understand what features are used by what percentage of any given account, and how that impacts retention. Get insight into account health, and know who is ready for cross-sell and upsell.

  • Data science for automatic recommendations

    Our data science layer, Heap Illuminate, surfaces user behavior you didn’t even know existed. It’s a cheat code for product teams.

  • Data governance for analysis at scale

    Tired of messy datasets and non-scalable solutions? Heap’s robust governance layer is built for even the largest companies.

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    Freshworks improves feature adoption by 20% with Heap

  • Klaviyo

    Klaviyo unlocks data for their entire organization with Heap

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    Xandr expands its reach with Heap and Appcues

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