Product-Led Growth

Heap helps you nail PLG with your Growth team, and then scale it across the organization, with a suite of tools that tell you exactly how your customers are using your product, and how you can make their experience even better.

Let your product do the selling. We'll capture the data.

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The Heap Digital Insights Platform is comprised of three integrated layers to power insights generation that fuels business success. Built on top of a complete and trusted Data Foundation, the Insights layer powered by Heap Illuminate mines customer data and reveals hidden friction and optimization opportunities. The Actions layer provides direct integrations to third party systems to automate customer engagement as well as downstream analysis in the cloud data warehouse of your choice.

Keep a pulse on user behavior

The PLG approach means the success of your business relies on fully understanding what your users want, so that you can build a product that exceeds their expectations from the beginning.

Heap’s Digital Insights Platform provides an ongoing pulse on what’s resonating with users, and what isn’t, every single time they interact with your product.

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Demonstrate immediate value

Heap surfaces where your customers are finding value in the product and pinpoints the best ways to help more customers experience that value for themselves.

Whether it is in onboardingactivation, or conversion, Heap helps you uniquely produce that “a-ha” moment for your users based on how they interact with your product.

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Democratize insights through self-service analytics

As soon as a new feature is launched, all customer interactions are captured automatically by Heap and even non-technical teams can find, name, and manage a complete set of user events, without ever touching the codebase.

With Heap, tracking product engagement and new feature success becomes an entire company-wide initiative, as customer insights drive every aspect of the business.


With Heap, we could see what worked well and what didn’t. Based on this data, we were able to decide which features to focus on, front and center in the new workflow.

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Gireesh Subramaniam

Director of Product Management

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Iterate faster than ever

For product-led growth to work, you need to be agile. The faster you iterate, the more your product will sell itself.

With instant access to engagement data, you can hypothesizetest, and measure the results of product updates on user behavior in real time.

Then you can tie those results to quantifiable success metrics that tell you how well any part of your product is working.

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