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Heap is now part of Contentsquare! For more information regarding our job openings, please visit the Contentsquare careers page.

Trusted by over 10,000 companies who demand the quickest time to insight

Heap (now part of Contentsquare) provides a modern approach to digital analytics that is designed for today’s businesses. With Heap, businesses can automatically capture everything: clicks, submissions, taps, etc. Users get quick access to information so they can analyze data instantly and retroactively.

At Heap our mission is to make it easy for businesses to create incredible digital experiences. And our work is just beginning. We are looking for great people to help us innovate and lead the future of digital analytics.

Meet our Engineering Team and see in their own words what it's like to work at Heap.

Our Values

We’re making it easy to create incredible digital experiences. Our core values balance empathy and accountability and guide everything we do.

  • Taste the Soup

    How we execute

    We try it ourselves – our product, practices, and processes – in as many ways as we can to build empathy with an understanding of our customers and colleagues. The more insight we get on our customers and colleagues, the more insights they’ll get from us.

  • Practice respectful candor

    How we communicate

    Respectful candor is at the foundation of our culture. We create a safe place for candid conversations and honest, constructive feedback. We seek to understand before seeking to be understood. It’s how we achieve the highest levels of teamwork and collaboration.

  • We are owners

    How we operate

    We believe that taking ownership is critical to creating a culture of accountability and empowerment. We take responsibility and own the impact of our decisions, behaviors and results. We do not pass the blame or avoid responsibility.

  • Focus on the outcome

    How we prioritize

    By focusing on a desired outcome we’re able to determine what we will and will not do. We identify the few things that have the biggest impact and focus on doing them well.

  • Growth mindset

    How we approach challenges

    We embrace successes, challenges and setbacks as learning opportunities. We believe that great performance and success come from persistent effort and adaptation.


Heap’s Commitment to DEI

To truly accomplish our vision of building a better digital world, Heap's teams and product need to reflect, support, and celebrate the diversity of the world we live in.

Our DEI and Culture Committees meet regularly to gather feedback on our culture, research innovative best practices, and partner directly with executive leadership to create a more inclusive environment for our increasingly diverse team. Heap also supports our Employee Resource Groups to celebrate and foster a diverse, inclusive community in our workplace and the customers we serve.

Learn more about DEI at Heap.


Virtual-First Culture

We believe the best work happens when people can be their best self, which is why Heap embraces a virtual first culture. Virtual first maximizes flexibility, work/life balance, and personal freedom, but still allows for physical collaboration and socialization. Read more about how and why we landed on a virtual first model: Virtual First is the Future of Work at Heap.

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Heap is now part of Contentsquare! For more information regarding our job openings, please visit the Contentsquare careers page.