Why you need a Digital Insights Platform

What is a Digital Insights Platform, and why do you need it?

If you own a digital experience or are responsible for building one, you might be wondering why you should invest in a digital insights solution.

Let’s dive in and find out.

Digital Insights: the crucial tool for building great digital experiences

Building outstanding digital experiences is difficult. To create experiences that resonate with your users, you need to understand how they interact with your website, product, or mobile app.

Today, companies have pieced together a fragmented assortment of point solutions to accomplish this task. But the disconnected datasets lead to subpar, slow-to-reach insights.

How do you avoid this? A Digital Insights Platform

Digital Insights Platforms combine data and analysis from multiple sources - quantitative, qualitative, and visual. This gives you a comprehensive view of user behavior and experience. 

With a Digital Insights Platform, you get a complete view of customer behavior. You can learn who is visiting your website or product, what they’re doing, and why. What are people clicking on? Which features do they love, or hate? Which paths are they taking through your experience, and why?

A Digital Insights Platform gives you a complete understanding of how users interact with your digital experience in just minutes, so you can quickly answer all these questions and more. No more guessing about what to change next. No more wondering if you’re missing something important. 

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Website with various lines to important user tracking points such as pageview, form fill, click, tap and/or swipe. All data is directed to the Heap logo.

Build a better digital experience

The best way to build a great digital experience is to take what you have, see how people are using it, then measure and improve. A Digital Insights Platform makes it easy to do just that:

  • It tells you who uses your product or mobile app, and how.

  • It lets you segment users to personalize their interactions.

  • It identifies moments of friction in your product, mobile app, or cross-platform experience, and helps you diagnose them.

With analysis simplified, your entire organization can drive transformation through the art of informed decision-making.

Optimize conversion funnels. Personalize onboarding flows. Identify behaviors that lead to retention, and build your experience around them.

Web page that shows breadth, depth, sentiment, frequency and usability as the five core product metrics

Measure success for tangible ROI

From a business perspective, a better digital experience is one that generates more revenue. Changes in your product, user experience, or customer journey need to produce tangible ROI.

With a Digital Insights Platform, you can measure the success of your digital experience and establish meaningful KPIs at all levels.

You can then use these core metrics to measure the impacts of decisions, isolate problem areas, prioritize efforts, and tie granular activities (like form or workflow completions) to high-level business metrics.

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What about other analytics tools?

Many product analytics tools or digital experience apps promise insights. But you can’t trust insights that come from an incomplete set of data.

Since most solutions lack a complete dataset, they generate insights from a fraction of user behavior. With Heap's complete dataset and fully integrated data science layer, you can surface every relevant insight, quickly and in a single platform. 

See how Heap stacks up against our competitors (spoiler alert: we tick all the boxes).

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Discover hidden connections

A great Digital Insights Platform will not only show you everything your users are doing, but will also tell you what’s most important.

Rather than sifting through vast quantities of user data yourself,  Data Science capabilities uncover the most significant — and unexpected — correlations that lead to the biggest business impact.

It’s like having an entire team of developers and an entire team of data scientists working inside a single platform.


We were able to increase adoption of templates by 20% by making the feature more discoverable and making tweaks. Heap data was at the core of this.

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Gireesh Subramanian

Director of Product Management