Heap for Data Teams

Deliver business insights through simplified data transformation

Two people walking and talking with a green stripe behind them.
A Diagram showing data from websites, mobile apps, APIs, and other sources going into Heap, showing how Heap provides transformation, retroactive modeling, governance, and segmentation and connects the data to other tools like Snowflake

Streamline ETL processes and reduce manual workload

We autocapture every single event (even retroactively) without the need for manual tagging, providing you a complete dataset and saving hours of work. 

Minimize errors, reduce labor-intensive engineering time, and make data transformation easier without the need to write code. 

Through Heap Connect, we make it easy to sync behavioral data to your data warehouse with a single click.

A circular diagram starting with "Define" at the top, then an arrow pointing to "Validate", then an arrow pointing to "Monitor", and then an arrow pointing to "Evolve". In the center of a circle is the text "Heap ETL with no code"

Work with your data efficiently and build resilience against disaster recovery

Heap’s data governance and virtualization layer helps data teams through the transformation process without disrupting the source system. 

Increase efficiency and reduce potential for errors as you manage your data.

An illustration of a line graph built with Heap that shows how many times a pageview happened over the past 7 days grouped by day.

Extract the right insights without complex SQL queries or code

Heap provides a clean and easy-to-use data management UI, which allows engineers to manage their data accurately without needing to write SQL queries or code. 

Worry less about the underlying technicalities, and focus your time enabling data analysts to interpret how your users are actually engaging with different properties.

An illustration of Heap's live data view. It shows a list of events that users currently using the product are doing. It also shows how you can define an event from the live data feed.

Deliver accurate data in real-time

Any engineer knows how labor intensive and critical it is when it comes to QA of your data.

Heap's analytics tools take the workload so you can focus on activating the right data without worrying about pipeline errors or delivering inaccurate insights.

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More segments, less code

Heap’s autocapture allows you to easily segment your data, all without code. 

Create more segments based on user behavior and send them downstream to activate more personalized and targeted customer experiences.

Getting started is easy

Start today and elevate your analytics from reactive reporting to proactive insights. What are you waiting for?