User Behavior Analytics

Heap helps product teams work smarter, not harder, with a suite of tools that tells you exactly what your users are doing, and why. ‎ With Heap, you'll never waste time building the wrong thing.

Heap Segments: behavior-driven user cohorts

Put yourself in your users’ shoes

Experience your product through your users' eyes. Session Replay shows you every action your users take, including where they have problems and where they get stuck. Because Session Replay is integrated into our analytics suite, replays are cued up to the exact moment you're interested in. Easily move analytics, replays, heatmaps, and more, giving you a full view of what's happening on your digital experience.

Gain users with precision analytics

Acquisition analysis shows you how sticky your landing pages are and how your acquisition channels are performing, all in a single place. It's the easiest way to take a data-driven approach to acquiring users, and gives immediate direction on how to optimize your acquisition strategies.

An in-depth look at the effort or steps needed to complete specific key micro website conversions. Diagram shows drop-off, interactions, time engaged and revisit rate for each step.

Identify pain points, propel improvements

Heap’s user behavior analytics preemptively identify issues by alerting you to key patterns, like rage clicks, user backtracking, and moments of unnoticed user friction. This insight allows you to quickly address and resolve underlying causes, so you can give users a smooth, intuitive user experience.

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With Heap, we could see what worked well and what didn’t. Based on this data, we were able to decide which features to focus on, front and center in the new workflow.

Freshworks, Gireesh Subramanian

Gireesh Subramanian

Director of Product Management

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Uncover Patterns in User Behavior

Heap's Engagement Analysis provides a panoramic view of user interactions, offering a deeper understanding of the 'how' and 'why' behind feature engagement. This tool lays out user activity and feature health in one glance, so you can detect behavioral trends immediately and adjust to accommodate them.