User Behavior Analytics

Heap helps product teams work smarter, not harder, with a suite of tools that tells you exactly what your users are doing and why so you don’t waste time building the wrong thing.

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Heap Segments: behavior-driven user cohorts

Put yourself in your users’ shoes

What if you could see exactly what your users see? If you could celebrate their delight, and feel their pain on broken workflows? With Heap’s user session replay and analytics, you can identify what your users need and respond quickly. Watch replays of successful and unsuccessful users, generate hypotheses for fixing their problems, and quantify impact all in one place.

Save time troubleshooting broken experiences

Troubleshooting a reported customer problem can take hours of a  time looking at logs and emailing customers back and forth. Heap lets you jump right to the moment a customer reported an issue, watch the crucial interactions that happened before the issue occurred, and easily quantify the impact of this issue across your customer base.

Understand what drives retention

An in-depth look at the effort or steps needed to complete specific key micro website conversions. Diagram shows drop-off, interactions, time engaged and revisit rate for each step.

Quantify user friction to justify product improvements

Heap’s funnel Effort Analysis provides the first-ever quantitative measurement of user friction, capturing the difficulty users face when moving through every step of every user flow in your product or on your website

By combining the number of interactions between each step in the flow, time spent on each step, and the average number of site visits it takes to complete the flow, Effort Analysis helps you prioritize the fixes that will have the biggest impact on your users’ experience.

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With Heap, we could see what worked well and what didn’t. Based on this data, we were able to decide which features to focus on, front and center in the new workflow.

Freshworks, Gireesh Subramanian

Gireesh Subramanian

Director of Product Management

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Improve product-market fit with different personas

Use segmentation to look at product usage by persona and make sure your product is meeting their needs. Experiment fast with changes targeted at personas struggling with your product, so you can get to product-market fit quickly.