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Digital experiences have revolutionized our world. Now they're revolutionizing healthcare.

Digital teams shouldn’t have to worry about missing the right insights. As the Healthcare industry rapidly grows, teams rely on Heap’s automatic behavioral insights to build the best digital patient experience.

Manage your data with confidence and easily maintain compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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HealthTech- Appointment Site

Make it easy for patients to get quality care

It’s no surprise that today’s patients prefer the convenience of finding care online. 

Today’s providers are struggling to keep up (Source: McKinsey). It’s difficult to build a digital experience that is intuitive for both boomers and Gen Z. It doesn’t have to be!

Heap’s out-of-the-box dashboards let you rapidly understand how patients engage with your system so you can provide a faster, more efficient way to connect quality care. Instantly answer questions like:

  • How is my signup flow performing over time, segments, and devices?

  • How are booked appointments and live telehealth visits trending?

  • Which provider is showing the highest and lowest adoption rate of each capability?

Google Analytics won’t cut it for Healthcare. Get more impactful insights while keeping your data compliant & secure by upgrading to Heap.

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GIF Effort Analysis + Session Replay

Boost utilization rates with smoother patient experiences

To maintain high engagement, you need to know how users are engaging. By enhancing our complete data foundation with innovative data science and cued session replays, Heap helps providers take bias and guessing out of the equation.

Don’t waste expensive development time. With Heap, a few simple clicks easily answer questions like:

  • What improvements would most increase activation and adoption?

  • During online payments, which user segments experience the most friction? Where is that friction, and what’s causing it?

  • Which experiment has the potential to impact the most important business outcomes and should be prioritized?

HealthTech Security

Keep sensitive information safe and secure

Safeguard confidential data with custom security configurations, encrypted data transfer, and built-in data privacy protections.

With Heap’s comprehensive approach to digital security, stay protected and compliant.

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An illustration visualizing how Heap integrates with Salesforce, Snowflake, and other various tools.

Build a modern techstack through powerful integrations

Enrich your data with integrations like Salesforce, Intercom, Marketo, Snowflake, and other best-in-class tools.

Heap Connect enables analytics and business intelligence teams to automatically capture behavioral data and send it directly to your warehouse. Centralize all of your data for more advanced analysis, and better understand how patients are moving through your systems and sites.

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Speed with Precision: The winning combination for Healthcare

Download our guide for leveraging data in Healthcare. Discover how data can energize enterprise Healthcare teams to pivot quickly, stay in touch with your customers, and accelerate past the competition.

With the right data used in the right way, you can build the best digital patient experience while ensuring data is compliant and safe.

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