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Auryc is now part of Heap!

Auryc has joined forces with Heap. The tools you know and love are now integrated into the Heap product suite. The Heap sales team can help you explore all that Heap + Auryc has to offer.

If you are looking to login to the Auryc portal, you can click here: https://portal.auryc.com/login

Auryc and Heap
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Don't believe what users say. Believe what they do.

Say goodbye to hours of watching recordings. With Heap's session replay (powered by Auryc), you can view endless sessions immediately cued up to users' friction points, giving you actionable insights in seconds.

Quant tools can show you where users have problems. (Heap does this automatically.) Session Replay shows you why users do what they do, and what needs to be fixed to improve the experience.

What is Session Replay? Read our complete guide.

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  • Why Heap?

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    By adding Auryc’s capabilities to our platform, we will offer digital builders a new type of analytics platform, one that seamlessly integrates Heap’s best-in-class quantitative analytics with Auryc’s qualitative Session Replay and Voice of the Customer capabilities.

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