Heap’s Journeys gives you a visual map of every path users take through your product, and includes numbers and conversion rates for each path and step.

There is no other solution on the market that has this capability.

Screenshot of Heap Journeys, showing a journey that users can add suggested top events to, along with conversion percentages between each step.

Learn about Journeys with our PM Team

Journeys lets you build and analyze every user workflow in your product, no matter how complicated. Our PM team breaks it down.

Data science + Journeys = Understand Everything

As you construct Journeys, data science suggest key user actions for you to add. Even actions you hadn’t been following, or didn't know about. Then use session replay to view sessions of every event, all cued up to the exact moments you care about.

  • Finally see everything

    With Journeys, you can map everything happening in your product - popular and unpopular actions, surprising behaviors, happy and unhappy paths.

  • Drive engagement with Session Replay

    See a path or event you’re interested in? Instantly view replays of users at that moment, automatically cued for you.

  • Pinpoint the moments of greatest opportunity

    When all customer journeys are clear and right in front of you, it’s easy for product teams to see what needs attention - and to share that information upwards.

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Heap not only gives us numbers of clicks and views, but it turns the whole customer journey into a story that we can analyze and use to make decisions for our business.

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Kalel Cascardi

Data Analyst