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Our platform's powerful data science layer scours your dataset to automatically uncover the insights that lead to the biggest business results — even on untracked events.

  • Pinpoint hidden friction points and opportunities

  • Avoid confirmation bias and wrong decisions

  • Get fast, definitive answers and achieve real impact

Illustration of Heap Illuminate providing a step suggestion during a site's conversion flow.

Effort Analysis revealed that our onboarding funnel’s first step was causing a 70% drop off rate. We implemented a fix and saw a 2x increase in our conversion rate and the number of paying customers from this channel.

Dan Mark

Dan Mark

Senior Product Manager

The path to success is obvious, once you know where to look

Meet the next generation of proactive analytics tools. Here’s how they show you the way.

New! Journey Maps

Journey Maps is the first tool ever that can compare paths leading to the same goal, or measure the impact of optional steps in a funnel. Want to know if users who do step X are more likely to convert? Journey Maps surfaces all of the different journeys users take through your digital experience so you can quickly and accurately test whether a specific user behavior affects conversion.

Top Events

How it works

Heap Illuminate looks for the most common events between two steps in a funnel and generates a Top Events table (shown to the left) that displays how well paths including different events convert to the next step so you can understand how that behavior is helping or hurting conversion.

Screenshot of Path Comparison within Heap

Path Comparison

You can then choose an event and use Path Comparison (shown to the right) to fork your funnel and see how the selected behavior impacts conversion downstream. Journey Maps tells you where the greatest points of friction and opportunity lie to improve the customers’ digital experience.

Screenshot of Heap's step suggestions

Step Suggestions

Step Suggestions automatically surface events that exhibit significant dropoff but which aren’t currently tracked in your funnel. This includes events you haven’t yet defined.

These suggestions direct you to the major milestones in your customer journey, including moments of unseen friction and opportunity.

An in-depth look at the effort or steps needed to complete specific key micro website conversions. Diagram shows drop-off, interactions, time engaged and revisit rate for each step.

Quantify user friction to justify product improvements

Heap’s Effort Analysis provides the first-ever quantitative measurement of user friction, capturing the difficulty users face when moving through every step of every user flow in your product or on your website

By combining the number of interactions between each step in the flow, time spent on each step, and the average number of site visits it takes to complete the flow, Effort Analysis helps you prioritize the fixes that will have the biggest impact on your users’ experience.

Chart the path to customer success

Heap Illuminate makes it easy for digital builders to find the most valuable insights from user behavior and prioritize the fixes that lead to the biggest business impact.

Screenshot of Heap's pageview suggestions

Pageview Suggestions

Pageview Suggestions provide a new way to define pageview events in Heap.

By proactively surfacing the most commonly viewed pageview types, these suggestions ensure that you examine your data with the right level of granularity.

Screenshot of Heap's Group Suggestions

Group Suggestions

Group Suggestions help you identify the user segments that most impact conversion and engagement.

When you run a graph or funnel query, Group Suggestions automatically surface recommendations for how to best group your data to reveal deeper insights.

Image of book with title "Digital Experience Insights Report"

Digital Experience Insights Report, Installation 3

What Funnels Don’t Let You See

63% of funnels contain an alternative path to conversion — that isn’t tracked. See what else you might be missing. A lot, turns out.

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