Heap Illuminate

Our platform's powerful data science layer analyzes your behavioral data to automatically surface all sorts of key insights — even about actions and behaviors you haven't been following. It's the best way to understand what's really happening in your product or website.

Illustration of Heap Illuminate providing a step suggestion during a site's conversion flow.

Automatic knowledge about your users

Heap Illuminate shows you what's working and what not, so you can optimize your investments, understand your users, and get answers quickly. Here's how it works.

Top Events

Top Events for better conversion

What most influences conversion? Heap generates a Top Events table that shows you the key events between and two moments in your funnel.

See where users really drop off, or how much work any activity really requires.

Screenshot of Path Comparison within Heap

Journey comparison

You can then choose an event and use Journeys to see how different behaviors impact conversion downstream. It's the easiest way to visualize complex user journeys.

An in-depth look at the effort or steps needed to complete specific key micro website conversions. Diagram shows drop-off, interactions, time engaged and revisit rate for each step.

Effort Analysis to reduce friction anywhere

Set up any funnel and Heap shows you 1) the amount of interactions users exhibit between steps, 2) the time spent on every step, and 3) the percentage of users who return before completing the funnel. Finally, you can quantify friction and fully understand engagement over time.

Group Suggestions Preview

Group Suggestions to identify key segments

When you run a graph or funnel query, Group Suggestions automatically identifies user segments to look at, particularly the ones that most impact conversion and engagement. What's the conversion rate on different platforms? Between different job titles? Between different behaviors? Group suggestions gives you these automatically.

Screenshot of Heap's pageview suggestions

Pageview Suggestions

Pageview Suggestions automatically surfaces the most commonly viewed pageview types.

This ensure that you examine your data with the right level of granularity.

Media | rage-clicks thumbnail

Rage Clicks to pinpoint hidden frustration

Rage clicks alerts you when users click rapidly and repeatedly without moving forward.

It's a simple way to find bugs, slow response times, or UX confusion.

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Chart the path to customer success

Heap Illuminate makes it easy for digital builders to find the most valuable insights from user behavior and prioritize the fixes that lead to the biggest business impact.