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Heap’s cross-platform analytics platform helps you understand how your users complete the entire customer journey - not pieces of it. Isolate crucial opportunities for building a better mobile experience. Compare behavior across platforms and get deep insight into the holistic user experience.

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Ditch the silos

You can't understand your users if you're analyzing their experience in pieces.

  • How many users are only on one platform?

  • How many users are on multiple platforms?

  • What do users do on your website before moving to your mobile app?

Heap makes it easy to answer these questions through automatic and retroactive identity resolution. When Heap sees an identified user on a new platform, their interactions on all platforms are tracked as part of a single journey.

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Your data’s lack of flexibility is holding you back

Traditional analytics tools require you to nail consistent schemas at implementation or the same user interaction in iOS and Android will be tracked as two separate events.

Heap's flexible Data Engine allows you to leverage Combo Events and Defined Properties to coalesce data from different platforms into one event or property, not many.

Want to combine ‘iOS - Add new’ and ‘Android - Add New’ into a single event named “All - ‘Add New’”? In Heap, it’s dead simple.

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Uncover critical problems with Heap Illuminate

In most analytics tools, analyzing the customer journey works by "guess and check." This makes it easy to miss valuable opportunities, and biases you towards uncovering patterns you already know about.

Heap’s powerful data science layer scours your cross-platform journeys to pinpoint the events and behaviors that most impact your digital experience. Get the full picture of how your users are navigating your digital experience with Illuminate.

Mobile testimonials

Hundreds of companies use Heap to improve their mobile experiences

  • Alo increases its mobile conversion rate by 3x

    Yoga apparel company Alo Yoga uses Heap + Shopify to tell a complete story from customer acquisition to site browsing and purchase.

    “These insights have driven further investment in creating an in-app experience that delivers more value than the website.” - Mike Peart, Interim Director of Product

  • Pocketsuite

    PocketSuite uses Heap to increase mobile activation & retention

    The product team at PocketSuite started using Heap for product analytics in early 2019, and since then has decreased paid user churn by 30%.

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