AI CoPilot: analytics for everyone

CoPilot makes it easy for anyone to get started with analytics, no matter their experience. Skip the learning curve and lengthy onboarding—and go straight to insights.

Creative visualization of AI CoPilot capability

See AI CoPilot in action

Sit back as Vijay, Senior Director of Product, takes you on a 3-minute tour of AI CoPilot’s capabilities.

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Data you can talk to in plain English

Got a question like ‘How many users viewed the blog last week?’ but not sure about the right events, segments, properties, and all that jazz? Just ask your question and let CoPilot run the analysis.

But it doesn’t stop there—you can ask follow-up questions, check how the AI arrived at the answer, and get suggestions on what to look at next.

Powered by generative AI, CoPilot draws on Heap’s extensive help center documentation and best practice guides to take the guesswork out of your analysis.

Creative visualization of the AI CoPilot Summaries feature

Auto-generated chart summaries for easy sharing

CoPilot automatically gives your chart a name and description in plain English. So when you’re quickly sending a link to a colleague, they’ll instantly understand the data they’re looking at.

Creative visualization of AI CoPilot followups feature

Dig deeper with suggested follow-ups

Say you’re trying to understand what’s driving a spike in new users. Using the auto-generated chart description, CoPilot will suggest relevant follow-up questions to help you dig deeper. It makes iterative analysis a piece of cake.

And when you share your chart, your teammates will see these follow-up questions too—so it’s easy for everyone to start diving into the data.

Put the power of data at your team’s fingertips

Give your team the gift of easily accessible analytics. Level up your organization’s data fluency. Get started with AI CoPilot today.