Charts: dig deep into customer behavior

Heap’s unique analysis modules are tailor-made to improve the customer experience across the entire journey.

Graph conversion events, build funnels, track retention, and figure out which growth levers influence your business the most.

Heap Reports: dig deep into customer behavior
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Explore the whole wide world of data-driven insights

With Heap’s robust analysis features, breakthrough insights are just a query away.

  • Surface the actions that make a difference Use the Heap query builder to quickly answer critical questions and see how key aspects of your digital experience are performing. Track the performance of any event with charts, graphs, and big number cards.

  • Get the real view of your customer journey with Funnels, Journey Maps, and Retention charts.

  • Filter users by the actions they take in the digital experience.

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Add Alerts to Send via Email or Slack

Built-in performance monitoring

Stay on the pulse of your digital experience with alerts that notify you about significant shifts in the metrics you’re tracking.

  • Create alerts for critical charts and get notified of important changes.

  • Integrate with Slack so that alerts show up in your favorite channels.

  • Schedule regular emails for charts everyone on your team should be tracking.

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Unlock insights that lead to real business results

  • Follow all user behavior

    Heap’s robust suite of analytics tools help you make sense of your data from multiple points of view.

  • Break down the details

    Analyze aggregated behavior at any level of granularity, from your entire user base to the path of each individual visitor.

  • Stay ahead of change

    Heap charts are built with smart alerts and sharing features so you can be proactive and stay ahead of the competition.

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Heap not only gives us numbers of clicks and views, but it turns the whole customer journey into a story that we can analyze and use to make decisions for our business.

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