Heatmaps: ignite your insights

Basic heatmaps just scratch the surface. It’s time to turn up the heat with data-rich heatmaps. ‎See what catches your users' attention and what they ignore. No tagging or event creation required – just visual, easy insights for all!

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Visual clarity for all

Get instant, visually compelling insights into your users' behavior. No technical expertise required – just pick a URL and analyze user behavior with precision. Empower your org with accessible data so everyone has the power to make data-driven decisions.

Use heatmaps to quickly identify user intent and build segments for deeper analysis. Say goodbye to generic insights and hello to targeted, personalized data that lets you build a better product.

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Work smarter, not harder

Answer targeted questions about user behavior by using heatmaps powered by granular user and account-level data. Don’t just find and fix issues ad-hoc. With increased precision, quickly identify and address specific issues.

You can work more efficiently and effectively with data-rich heatmaps. Deliver faster product development cycles and save time in the process so you can maximize results.

Discover hotspots & cool clicks

  • Clickmaps

    Understand the impact of every page element with an in-depth analysis of every user interaction. Get a granular understanding of user behavior so you can optimize for increased satisfaction, revenue, and conversions.

  • Scroll Depth

    Gain deeper insight into how users engage with your content through scroll depth tracking. See how far users scroll on each page to identify patterns in behavior. Improve engagement and retention by optimizing layout and design.

  • Attention Maps

    See where users focus their attention by following their movement across your digital experience. Maximize engagement by ensuring that the most important elements are effectively capturing and holding users’ attention.

See. Understand. Optimize.

Discover how you can gain instant, visually-compelling insights with heatmaps and build digital experiences that sizzle.