Need help getting started with dashboards? Playbooks are pre-built dashboard templates, customized by industry, that let you generate charts and see relevant insights faster than ever.

With Playbooks, you can start tracking key behaviors immediately. What events and metrics matter the most to your business? With Playbooks, you’ll already have an answer.

Heap Playbooks

Tap into analytics expertise

Regardless of industry, as a digital product owner your job is to convert and retain customers. Playbooks condense insights from thousands of customers to provide curated dashboards that help you standardize on key metrics.

What do teams in your industry tend to look at? What metrics most move the needle? Playbooks give you a huge head start.

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Playbooks in action

Complete visibility into product performance

By combining an automatically captured dataset with use-case specific dashboards, Heap gives you complete visibility into how your initiatives are impacting your business.

Whether you need to understand your acquisition funnel or improve feature adoption, Playbooks provide the charts you need to effectively track the performance of your digital experience.

Why You Need Product Analytics


Conversations are more constructive with Heap. When senior leadership says, ‘show me what you’ve done,’ I can pull up a dashboard and show them metrics we’ve moved the needle on instead of a laundry list of features.

Joe Pfeiffer

Joe Pfeiffer

VP of Product

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