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Winter Integration Update

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Heap has now expanded the ability to sync segments to Snowflake via Heap Connect.

This newly released functionality allows all accounts with a Snowflake destination to sync their behavioral Heap segments with their data sources inside Snowflake. Users with a Snowflake destination configured will now be able to sync individual or groups of segments to Snowflake via the segments definitions page and individual segments via the Snowflake directory page. With this, users can activate behavioral segments created Heap by using their existing data pipelines and enrich their Heap segments with other data sources that are only available in their Snowflake data warehouse. 

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Third Party platforms integrating with Heap for a single source of data.

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Power your customer outreach by understanding the REAL customer journey. Blend in account data from your CRM, target different audiences with tailored experiences, and trigger in-app retention campaigns at just the right moment — all based on user behavior.

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A variety of platform logos including Walkme, AWS, Snowflake, Salesforce, Iterable, Shopify and more

Having a tool where all the data is always available and verified, like Heap, gives us a lot of confidence that we’re coming to the right conclusions and understanding our problems in the right way.

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Brian Whalley

Director of Product Marketing & Operations

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