DEI at Heap

At Heap, we're not just helping companies build better digital experiences. We're also building a workplace where we celebrate our differences in experiences and perspectives. We're committed to cultivating an inclusive culture where employees feel seen, supported, and empowered to show up authentically.

At the heart of our DEI mission is a simple belief: everyone deserves a seat at the table. We aim to create a place where diversity flourishes, inclusivity thrives, and equity prevails. Together, we’re building an environment where everyone’s uniqueness is valued and celebrated.

Melanie Oberman

Mel Oberman

Chief People Officer at Heap

Defining DEI at Heap

  • Diversity: The many dimensions that make each of us unique, including (but not limited to) neurodiversity, education, zip code, race, language, disability, sexual orientation, gender, and age.

  • Equity: We recognize that we all start at different places. We’re committed to fostering an environment where all Heaple have the opportunity to develop and achieve their fullest potential.

  • Inclusion: This happens organically in an environment where people feel that their voices are heard, respected, and empowered to succeed. We are committed to a workplace that celebrates and values the differences of all Heaple.

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Our DEI Strategy

Hire, develop, and retain top talent

Executive leadership engagement and support of DEI priorities

Advance a culture of service, belonging, and intentional inclusion

Promote accountability and measure success

Heappy Diwali, 2022

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Programming and Perks

DEI is a guiding principle that embraces diverse perspectives, champions inclusiveness, and prioritizes the thriving of every Heapster for collective success.

As a company, we prioritize these values in all of our activities, including programming, benefits, communications, performance reviews, and more, all of which are designed to ensure fairness in the employee experience and foster a true sense of belonging.

Courageous Conversations: Neurodiversity at Heap

Inclusive Programming

Heap Forward is a mentorship program designed to empower and develop Heaple from underrepresented groups by partnering them with experienced leaders to foster personal growth and professional success.

Courageous Conversations is a virtual DEI series that focuses on topics that affect our Heaple’s daily lives, but that may be taboo to discuss or frequently overlooked. Based on our value of Respectful Candor, this series aims to raise awareness by educating each other and promote inclusivity by celebrating our differences.

Our DEI and L&D training initiatives strive to provide our Heaple with the knowledge to better understand and embrace diversity, while continuously developing their skills as leaders, managers, and team members.

Our Microlearnings are a series of short webinars dedicated to providing opportunities for our employees to keep learning all year round. These sessions cover a variety of subjects, including topics that promote personal and professional development. 

Backed by 30 years of social science, Crucial Conversations is a program designed to equip people with the skills and techniques needed to navigate difficult conversations effectively. This training is accessible to all Heap employees and plays a key role in promoting our culture of Respectful Candor.

We recognize that biases can surface unexpectedly. That's why our recruiting team follows our Inclusive Hiring Guidelines to ensure our hiring practices are both equitable and inclusive, all while creating a rewarding and respectful candidate experience.

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Comprehensive Benefits and Perks

  • Flexible PTO

  • Miscarriage Leave

  • Parental Leave - Birthing vs. Non-birthing

  • Work from Home Stipend 

  • Virtual-first Lifestyle Stipend 

  • Professional Development Stipend 

  • Treat Yo’ Self Stipend 

  • Sabbatical Program 

  • Check out our Careers page for more information

Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs provide a supportive space for our Heaple to learn, grow, and connect with one another. Through purposeful programming and skill-focused workshops, our ERGs empower members and allies to reach new heights in their careers and personal lives.

  • Asia United

    The Asia United ERG aims to create a supportive community that promotes cultural awareness and celebrates the richness and diversity of our Asian Heaple.

  • Black@

    Our Black@ Heap ERG is dedicated to advancing a sense of inclusion and belonging among our Black colleagues, empowering them to lead with confidence in every facet of their professional journey.

  • HeapAble

    Our HeapAble ERG strives to create a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment for Heaple who identify as being neurodivergent and/or those who have a disability.

  • HEAP Her

    The HEAP Her ERG advocates for women at Heap by providing opportunities to celebrate, educate, and network with one another. HEAP = Help Empower and Promote.

  • Heap Pride

    Our Heap Pride ERG cultivates an inclusive community for LGBTQ+ folks at Heap and beyond by creating opportunities for fellowship, learning, social action, and celebration.

  • Unidos

    The Unidos ERG aims to enhance the experiences of Latine Heaple by cultivating a vibrant community, advancing professional growth, and honoring the cultures and heritages of its members.

Hear from our Heaple

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  • “Working for Heap isn’t your basic step-by-step assignment and just do your job. There are more resources than I’ve ever seen at any other company I’ve worked for that cares for your overall success, mental health, and growth. I feel heard, I feel appreciated, and most importantly, I feel included.”

  • “One of the best companies I have ever work for. People talk about work life balance, Heap is the perfect example for that. The work culture, the benefits, management, colleagues, people, everything is just perfect. Very much satisfied.”

  • “Investments in DEI like programs, events, and headcount feel genuine; CEO is invested and support comes from top to bottom. No other company I’ve worked at has invested in its workforce quite like this. The most psychologically safe I’ve felt in a workplace, ever.”

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