The most complete data capture on the market

Building a complete behavioral dataset is impossible using any single method.

Combining Autocapture, custom tracking, and server-side events, Heap gives you the tools to assemble the most complete and manageable behavioral dataset on the market.

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Unrivaled data collection, unparalleled insights

Data collection tools that give you everything you need to understand your customers.

Accelerate insights with Autocapture

Heap provides the easiest and most comprehensive way to capture the data you need. With just a single snippet of code, Heap automatically captures every view, click, swipe, and form fill. No more missing data or missed opportunities.

  • Works on both web and mobile

  • Supports first and third-party installations

  • Immediately captures the vast majority of user behavioral events

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Custom track anything

With Heap, you can start your analysis by capturing everything through Autocapture, then go the extra mile by manually enriching your dataset with APIs that capture client and server-side events.

  • Create and manage custom events on your own infrastructure.

  • Pass data between applications and user sessions.

  • Build your single source of customer truth.

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Get the full picture, and then some

With other tools, getting answers to your questions can take months. With Heap, a single snippet of code starts collecting behavioral data immediately.

  • Autocapture data everywhere

    Heap is easy to install on any modern framework or device, and works on web, iOS, Android and over a dozen third-party applications, with more coming every year.

  • Enrich your event data

    Supplement Heap data with additional metadata using snapshots, APIs, and custom properties, all within our UI — no codebase changes needed.

  • Get answers in minutes, not days

    Don’t wait months for your teams to figure out what they need to know. With Heap, you can ask anything, anytime, because the data is already there.


Manual Tracking vs. Autocapture: Which approach comes out on top? (And can you have both?)

Manual Tracking vs. Autocapture. Which approach will come out on top?

Autocapture: a single snippet of code captures everything on your site. Manual tagging: inserting tracking code for every event you care about.

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Autocapture makes analysis flexible so we can iterate quickly instead of having to wait three months for something to be tagged. There are always unknowns that you don’t realize you’ll wish you had been capturing.


Brandon Walsh

Customer & Product Analytics Manager

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