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Heap and Contentsquare are now on a single platform.

Here’s how Product Analytics (PA), Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), and Voice of Customer (VOC) come together to unlock new insights.


The entire customer experience in a single platform

By bringing together Product Analytics (PA), Digital Experience Analytics (DXA), Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) and Voice of Customer (VOC), Contentsquare gives teams a 360-degree view of their digital experience, in a single connected platform.

Identify friction with DXA and DEM. Analyze complex user journeys with PA. Understand what users are experiencing in the moment, and analyze the down-stream effects on conversion, activation, and retention.

Finally, product, marketing, ecommerce, data, and design teams can all make decisions around the same customer data.

Illustration of both a mobile and web platform going through a user flow from form to product.

Analyze activity across sessions and devices

By adding Product Analytics to DXA capabilities, teams can finally understand the end-to-end customer journey, no matter how many sessions or devices are involved.

  • How and where are users switching devices?

  • Which activities do they do on mobile vs web?

  • How many browsing sessions typically lead to conversion?

  • What are the main paths users take to conversion?

  • When users leave, how many eventually return?

Learn about behavioral analytics for enterprise mobile teams!

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Find the frustrations that lead to dropoff

DXA and DEM give you visual analyses of the frustrations your users experience: pages not loading, non-intuitive design, rage clicks, and more.

Product Analytics shows you how often these frustrations happen, and what the downstream effects are. Do these users return? Do these frustrations impact long-term behavior?

It’s a complete system for finding the biggest barriers to conversion and retention, then knowing exactly how to fix them.

Extend your Contentsquare analyses

Add powerful new context to your DXA investigations.

  • Jump from DXA views to PA - and back

    From CS modules like Zoning and Page comparator, you can now click into Product Analytics views like Page Conversion Analysis, a ready-made dashboard that shows you lifetime context around the page, including lifetime conversion rates, number of sessions to conversion, device switching, and more.

  • Brand new PA-powered metrics

    New lifetime metrics like “lifetime conversion rate” and “retention rate” will be accessible in the CS modules you’re already using.

  • Apply PA segments in DXA

    With Product Analytics, you can apply new segments to CS visuals, including “sessions that lead to a conversion event” or “sessions of users that will return.” Unlock new analysis: in Zoning, you can compare sessions that lead to a conversion to those that do not

Meta | How to track user behavior in a mobile app

Better Mobile Analysis

Mobile users are different from web users. They tap and swipe. The UX is different. Sessions tend to be more sporadic. 

With Product Analytics, you can build funnels and journeys around these mobile-specific activities. PA also brings in new mobile event types, like as push notifications. 

Putting this data together with web data gives you a complete view of your customers’ cross-funnel journeys. Use PA to see where users drop off, then move to DXA to watch replays and view zoning data. Want to know how push notifications on mobile influence conversions on web? Finally, you can!

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Import offline data. Export anywhere.

With Product Analytics, you can bring offline events such as in-store purchases, physical touchpoints, and in-person marketing campaigns into your analyses, so you can unite your digital interactions with offline conversions.

What impact do online dropoffs have on in-store conversions? How do physical interactions impact digital experiences?

You can even compare zoning data for users that converted offline vs online, for a full view of the customer experience.


With Heap, we get granular detail in minutes, not days.

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