Session Replay: see your product through the eyes of your users

Unleash the power of session replay, guided by data science and fueled by a complete autocaptured dataset. Instantly uncover the "why" behind the "what" for every key moment in your user experience.

‎In a single one platform, easily transition between customer discovery and quantitative analysis.

Screenshot of a Heap Funnel showing the flow from a homepage view to submitting a form. Within that funnel, a video of a user's session who dropped off is shown.

A consolidated, easy-to-use platform for driving results

Heap’s session replay is fully integrated into our analytics suite.

With features designed to enhance searchability, collaboration, and privacy, you'll be able to easily discover key insights and share them with your team.

What are Session Replays? Learn more in our full guide.

  • Intelligent matching & search

    Replays are automatically cued to the exact event you need. Easily track and search both client and server-side events within a replay for paths, errors, and clicked text.

  • Easy sharing for collaboration

    Heap’s session replay makes it easy to share insights with your team in real-time. Collaborate on analysis by sending replays via email directly from the player.

  • Customizable privacy settings

    Rest easy with Heap’s highly customizable privacy and security settings. Exclude sensitive information from user sessions, ensuring the protection of their data.

An image of a user's session who dropped off after visiting the homepage

Spark inspiration for product innovation

Explore how users navigate your product by diving into replays. Uncover hidden opportunities for optimization and find fresh inspiration to create unforgettable digital experiences. 

Use these insights to iterate better, ship faster, and build amazing digital experiences that your customers will love.

A screenshot of a session replay of users dropping off in a common conversion funnel

Improved alignment: a roadmap to success

Identify and understand where your users struggle with session replay. Then, blend those insights with product analytics to align Product, Design, Engineering, and Leadership on the most impactful investments to prioritize in your roadmap.

The result? Faster shipping, more delighted customers, and a competitive edge.

Image | Session Replay | See What Really Happened

Get the full picture behind user feedback

User feedback is valuable, but it isn’t always actionable. With Heap, you can pair feedback with replays to get a comprehensive view of what a user is experiencing, empowering you to:

  • Troubleshoot issues before contacting support

  • Address low NPS performance by watching replays from detractors

  • Build richer user profiles by segmenting replays according to specific personas or user types

Customer quote image - VP of Research and Design, SanityDesk
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If there’s high drop-off in a funnel, Heap’s session replay just shows you exactly why without any additional analysis.

Krzysztof Rusnarczyk, VP of Research and Design

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