Session Replay: Get the Why Behind The What

Heap’s One-Click Session Replay brings instant context to your analytics so your teams can immediately find friction, fully understand user behavior, and quickly identify solutions to your biggest challenges.

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Find the moments that really matter

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See the friction in your funnels

Session Replay is built directly into Heap’s funnel analysis capabilities, so sessions are automatically cued to the exact moments you care about.

  • Build a funnel, then view sessions cued to the events in that funnel.

  • Easily view sessions at the moments right before and after the action you care about.

  • Use Heap Illuminate to see the hidden but impactful steps between events in your funnel, and instantly view sessions of those events. See everything!

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Instant understanding, for the whole org

Heap’s Session Replay allows you to view any event from your digital experience.

  • Looking to define an event? Define it with visual labeling then watch instant replays to make sure you’re tracking the thing you care about.

  • User calling into customer support? Your team can pull up the user’s exact session and walk them through.

  • Tired of having to go back and forth between different tools? With Heap, it’s all in one place.

Don't just count your cohorts, see them

Session Replay is built directly into our analytics platform, so you can use it to do deeper, more complete analysis.

  • Segmenting users - easily watch sessions from any segment of users, or any individual user.

  • Find something interesting in a session? Easily use our analytics tools to see how widespread the problem is. It’s seamless.

  • Never be stuck knowing only half the answer. With Heap, you can understand everything about your users.

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If there’s high drop-off in a funnel, Heap’s session replay just shows you exactly why without any additional analysis.

Krzysztof Rusnarczyk, VP of Research and Design

Get Started With Session Replay Today

It only takes a few moments to install Heap and activate Session Replay. Simply create an account, install our snippet and activate.