Alo increases its mobile conversion rate by 3x

About Alo Yoga

Yoga apparel company Alo Yoga has customer data in several locations and previously relied on a combination of different reporting tools, such as Shopify, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Facebook Ad reporting, and Google Analytics. We spoke to Mike Peart, Alo’s Interim Director of Product, to learn how Heap + Shopify has helped Alo tell a complete story from customer acquisition to site browsing and purchase.


Mike Peart, Interim Director of Product

“Since our customer data is housed in several different locations, it used to be really difficult to tell a complete story. Before Heap, we just didn’t have a good way to see the whole picture. For example, when traffic came to our site, we could see things like UTM source and medium in Google Analytics (GA), but then we’d lose customers as they visited pages on the site. When people came from a specific ad campaign, we could see the landing page in GA, but we couldn’t follow their journey through to checkout.”

“Tools like GA and Shopify reporting are great at telling you where the session started and what campaign they came through — but it was like a black box once they came to the site. With Heap, we’ve been able to understand how different marketing channels correlate to onsite behavior and conversion, not just to traffic.”

“It’s incredibly valuable to be able to combine Heap + Shopify. While product discovery was possible using Google Analytics, Facebook, and Shopify, the lack of control over how to measure traffic meant it often took hours of my time as well as development cycles to identify trends we could trust.”

With Heap, I could just measure it myself in a matter of minutes.

- Mike Peart, Interim Director of Product

How they’re using Heap + Shopify

“We also use Heap + Shopify to understand how users switch between mobile and desktop during their shopper journey. We’ve found that many users browse on mobile and then convert on desktop. When we dug in more, we found friction in the mobile checkout flow which led us to create a mobile app for our users.”

“Once the mobile app was live, we continued to rely on Heap + Shopify to understand how customers continued to crossover between our website and our mobile app and found that the key drivers of mobile app retention were the social feed – where customers could find inspiration in user-generated content from other Alo fans to shop for entire outfits – and the personal practice section – where customers could access yoga classes led by professional yogis and practice yoga in their own homes.”

“These insights have driven further investment in creating an in-app experience that delivers more value than the website. For example, we are looking forward to introducing in-app exclusive product launches to incentivize app downloads and returning app traffic. As we roll these in-app exclusives out we will be relying heavily on Heap + Shopify to measure the success of these campaigns.”


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