Introducing Heap’s Digital Innovators

As advancing technologies open up exciting new possibilities for digital experiences, we recognize the Digital Innovators harnessing Heap to build a better digital world.

Digital Innovator

What is a Digital Innovator?

When it comes to making their users happy, a Digital Innovator looks beyond the status quo. Whether it’s inventively iterating a current experience or designing a brand new interaction, improvement is their motto and creativity is their middle name. 

At the same time, a Digital Innovator knows that understanding their users comes from rigorous dedication to analyzing actual user journeys. Digital insights are key to their success.

Regardless of whether they’re in Marketing, Product, or Customer Success, a Digital Innovator harnesses the power of digital insights to anticipate their users’ needs and build outstanding digital experiences.

Congratulations to H&R Block!

Heap is proud to recognize Zachary Witt, Senior User Experience Designer at H&R Block CA, as the first recipient of the Digital Innovator Award! Read about some of the creative ways Zachary leverages data to make tax season a smoother experience for customers.

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Become A Digital Innovator

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