Event visualizer: easily define and manage the events that matter to you

With the Event Visualizer, anyone can find, name, and manage a complete set of user events, without touching your codebase. The Event Visualizer makes digital analytics easy.

Simplicity and flexibility to answer every question

  • Retroactive data with clicks, not code

    Anyone — not just engineers! — can create event definitions in Heap with a point-and-click UI. Add new events as new questions come up, and get answers in seconds.

  • Ultimate flexibility

    Events, Segments, and Properties are created in Heap, not in your codebase. They live in a layer above your automatically captured dataset, so you can change, combine, and delete them without losing data or needing to wait for new data.

  • A trustworthy, clean dataset

    Since definitions are created without code, they can be modified and updated at any time. With Heap, you can ensure your data set is up-to-date, neatly named, and trusted by everyone as your product grows.

What is the Event Visualizer?

The Event Visualizer is a point-and-click interface for applying labels to raw event data without modifying the underlying data set.

Making it dead simple to locate your autocaptured events and assign labels to them, the Event Visualizer gives you extreme flexibility while keeping your dataset clean and trustworthy, forever.

A closer look at virtual events

Screenshot of event creation in Heap

Deliver insights with ease

The Event Visualizer gives anyone access to insights in minutes.

  • Point-and-Click Editor: Visually identify the events that matter to you

  • Retroactive Definitions: Definitions apply across the entire dataset so new questions can be answered immediately

  • Snapshot Properties: Easily add custom context to events

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Heap’s interface is helpful for anyone less familiar with analytics. It’s easy to see what’s going on in the Event Visualizer. A PM can build a report in 10 mins that would have taken 30 in Google Analytics.

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Julian Gilliatt

Head of Analytics

Getting started is easy

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