Engage your users with Heap’s Intercom integration

With the Intercom Connector, you can segment customers based on their behavior in your product, then use those segments to tailor your communications with customers across marketing channels.

Illustration of the Heap/Intercom integration

Personalize the digital customer experience

With Heap + Intercom, digital growth teams can unlock user intent from behavioral event data to personalize customer communications and increase engagement.

  1. Guide users to features they haven’t discovered.

  2. Customize nurture emails and in-product messages.

  3. Offer proactive support to improve time-to-value throughout the free-trial experience.

  4. Engage the right users at the right time with up-sells/cross-sells, feature announcements, and experience surveys.

Activate insights with conversational intelligence

From Marketing to Product to Customer Success, teams across the organization can use behavioral insights from Heap to inform their customer outreach via Intercom. The result: automated messaging that actually feels human.

  • Marketing

    Understand customer intent and use personalized messages and real-time chat to convert more website visitors into customers.

  • Product

    Uncover hidden friction points and tailor the onboarding experience to activate new customers or re-engage older cohorts.

  • Customer Success

    Accelerate adoption, boost customer satisfaction, and proactively address churn with targeted in-product messaging based on user behavior.

Getting started is easy

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