Activate more users with Heap’s Marketo integration

With Heap’s Marketo Connector, you can segment users based on their behavior in your product or site, then use those segments to personalize your Marketo campaigns and enrich your lead scoring. Then you can track how your campaigns impact user behavior in your digital experience.

The result is higher-quality leads, more engaged customers, and reduced churn.

Illustration showing Heap/Marketo's integration

Personalize the digital customer experience

Heap + Marketo lets marketing and product teams create automatic campaigns that precisely target the needs of different customer groups.


  1. Enrich customer profiles with detailed behavioral data.

  2. Customize your nurture flows to re-engage inactive users.

  3. Target customer segments with the feature updates, beta announcements, and special offers that most drive adoption and increase revenue.


  1. Identify friction points in your trial experience and send resources to help users who are stuck.

  2. Target inactive or at-risk users/accounts and drive feature adoption.

  3. Improve setup rate and activation for new users with training and enablement campaigns built around usage patterns.

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With the Marketo Connector, I can tailor emails to specific cohorts of users so that the messaging is in line with how they are using our product and can better increase adoption.

Nicolas Drouet

Nicolas Drouet

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Screenshot of funnel report showing reports exported in Heap

Track impact on user behavior

By bringing Marketo data into Heap, you can see how personalized emails and in-app messages affect user behavior in your product or site.

  • Discover which emails lead users to engage with key features.

  • Measure the impact of communications on adoption and activation.

  • See how effective your campaigns are at re-engaging inactive users.

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