Power customer analysis with Heap’s Salesforce integration

Unlock hypergrowth by merging Heap’s user behavioral insights with key account data maintained in your Salesforce instance.

Act on leading indicators, like feature usage or frequency of adoption, to reduce churn, increase retention, and accelerate expansion of your accounts.

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Illustration showing the Heap + Salesforce integration
Illustration showing contract dates, lead score, and ARR going from Salesforce into Heap

Salesforce to Heap: dive deeper into customer behavior

Create a full 360-degree view of your customers by linking account and lead properties in Salesforce to user and event properties inside of Heap.

  • Combine granular user actions with rich account history (including lead scores, renewal dates, ARR, and more) to surface the greatest areas of friction and opportunity.

  • Create segments based on customer size or revenue to better understand how various user groups behave differently across your experience.

  • Track onboarding success for critical accounts and monitor specific customers as they begin adoption.

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Illustration showing page sessions, event clicks, conversions going from Heap into Salesforce

Heap to Salesforce: redefine how you approach business success

By surfacing Heap insights within Salesforce, teams across the organization will share a quantifiable understanding of feature adoption — one tailored to the ways customers actually use your product.

  • Create customer success strategies from early behavioral indicators to help reduce churn and predict expansion.

  • Use existing Salesforce integrations to send Heap data across your entire customer success stack and trigger campaigns based upon account activity.

  • Build real account health scores by blending behavioral insights with Salesforce data.

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In most tools, it’s very difficult to create a custom metric, let alone integrate into other systems, such as Salesforce. With Heap, we’re helping everyone in the company identify and measure when the user actually gained value from the platform versus simply using it.


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Director of Product

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