Managed Services

Use Heap Managed Services to help you achieve a competitive advantage with actionable insights from Heap data.

Heap Managed Services offers hourly Professional Services Consultant support available at 4 service tiers designed to meet your needs.

Our professional services team leverages our in-depth Heap knowledge and extensive best practices knowledge to lead engagements across eCommerce, finance, SaaS, and other verticals with decades of industry experience.

How can Heap Managed Services help your organization?

We partner with you to help you and your organization use data to make informed business decisions, accelerate growth, and achieve sustainable results. 

  • Accelerated time-to-value: Benefit from Heap’s in-house expertise for fast delivery of insights from your data on an on-going basis. 

  • Specialized talent: As creative problem solvers and Heap experts with in-depth knowledge of the analytics space, we can help you iterate and innovate with data without the need for additional overhead.

  • Change Mangement: New technologies can have an impact not only on processes, but behavior and culture as well. We act as a strategic change management and adoption partner, operating hand-in-hand with you to ensure processes are seamlessly integrated and your teams are enabled.

  • Flexibility: Hourly consultant support is available at 4 service tiers with add-ons available to meet fast-changing needs.

Whether you’re a stretched data team that needs help building out events and reports or an organization with complex data architecture that requires a custom solution, our Professional Services team provides the assistance you need.

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  • Starter - 100 hours

    Dedicated analyst to support baseline reporting needs

    i.e. Ad hoc support + 1 project/year

  • Basic - 200 hours

    Dedicated analyst to provide ongoing staff augmentation & technical support

    • i.e. Ad hoc support + 2 projects/year
  • Standard - 400 hours

    Achieve your key business outcomes faster with dedicated support committed to your long-term success

    • i.e. Ad hoc support + 4 projects/year
  • Premium - 600 hours

    Scale Heap across your organization while partnering with a dedicated Heap expert to drive strategic business outcomes

    • i.e. Ad hoc support + 6 projects/year

Sample Projects may include: 

  • Event/reporting creation and/or validation

  • Reporting optimization

  • Data Governance and Governance Features Setup

  • User Engagement Optimization

  • Feature-specific Optimization

  • Funnel Optimization

Managed Services Offerings may include:



Defining Events

& Data Enrichment 

-Custom build integrations 

-Data Architecture/ Analytics stack Optimization services 

-BI Tools Integration

-Defining autocaptured events in the Heap UI

-Enrichment recommendations and validation support of engineering implemented API calls

-Integrations configuration & validation for Heap Productized Integrations


& Stack


-Data migrations from legacy systems to Heap

-Data warehouse transition

-Data Architecture/ Analytics stack Optimization services for data fluidity

-Downstream data modeling support

Analysis &


-Building reports and dashboards to answer critical business questions

Account Maintenance

-Ongoing Admin support for general maintenance (including adding teammates, establishing/enforcing governance rules, definition validation, etc)


-Working sessions to enable end users on Heap best practices


-Office Hours