Project Based Services

We provide outcomes tailored to your business needs. We’ll define the specific scope of work to cover topics such as training, migration or reporting, dashboard build and more.

If you have any questions or are interested, contact us at

  • Training

    Mix & match core training offerings

    • Administrator Training
    • End User Training
    • Live Coaching Workshop
  • Migrations

    Bring in data from other analytics tools (eg. GA, Adobe) & internal databases

    • Data Migration
    • Reports Migration
  • Mobile Implementation

    Mobile implementation services

    • Support for iOS, Android, React Native
    • Other frameworks require custom scoping
  • Data Governance

    Best practices in Data Governance to ensure clean & trusted dataset

    • Heap Data Engineer Review
    • Data Governance Audit
  • Implementation Review

    Technical audit of existing implementation to ensure best practices

    • Guidance on new business requirements
    • Validation and QA
      Custom Scoped
  • Insights (Reporting & Analysis)

    • Customer Acquisition
    • Customer Retention
    • Account Expansion
  • Data Driven Bootcamp

    • Change Management
    • Training
    • Enablement
  • Account Maintenance

    Data Governance review and account clean up with Heap hands on support

    • Expert-guided support for account clean up; charts, events, properties, etc.
    • Best practice guidance for Heap Data Governance
  • Privacy Review

    Document, configure and test privacy setup for Session Replay and/or autocapture

    • Privacy Configuration Audit
    • QA and document additional changes
    • Guidance on best practices for validation