Project Based Services

We provide outcomes tailored to your business needs. We’ll define the specific scope of work to cover topics such as training, migration or reporting, dashboard build and more.

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  • Training

    Mix & match core training offerings

    • Administrator Training
    • End User Training
    • Live Coaching Workshop
  • Migrations

    Bring in data from other analytics tools (eg. GA, Adobe) & internal databases

    • Data Migration
    • Reports Migration
  • Mobile Implementation

    Mobile implementation services

    • Support for iOS, Android, React Native
    • Other frameworks require custom scoping
  • Data Driven Bootcamp

    • Change Management
    • Training
    • Enablement
  • Account Maintenance

    Data Governance review and account clean up with Heap hands on support

  • Privacy Review

    Document, configure and test privacy setup for Session Replay and/or autocapture


We provide a wide range of training services to help you create a strong foundation for success with Heap. Our training enables admins and business users to learn about what Heap is, what data it’s collecting, and how to start pulling your own reports.

Mix and match formats to propel your team with Heap.

Administrator Training

Hands-on instruction

Define & verify events

Naming taxonomy

Event categorization

Data governance

Permissions & access control One Hour

End User Training

Classroom-style instruction

Heap overview

Define events

Build basic queries

Create reports and dashboards

One Hour

Live Coaching Workshop

Live “over-the-shoulder” session

Coaching on how to track and measure business outcomes

Create reports & dashboards

Best practices

One Hour


Are you facing any challenges in migrating data from another analytics tool and/or internal databases into Heap? Look no further. Our tech experts can help you migrate custom data sources into Heap to achieve historical data continuity and support pursuit of Heap Value Drivers.


Migrate data from another analytics tool and/or internal databases to Heap Support for event mapping, data ingestion and validation, and report creation


Makes it possible to seamlessly adopt a more modern approach to Product Analytics, while bringing over data, reports, and dashboards that the organization is used to seeing. Facilitates change management Removes the need for overlapping service contracts with the incumbent vendor

Implementation Review

The Implementation Review package is designed to help Heap customers who have a need to review their existing implementation due to various reasons such as (but not limited to):

-Recent product changes

-Updated analytics goals which could imply additional data enrichment needs

-Known or suspected data quality issues

-New customer contact responsible for Heap and unfamiliar with existing implementation


Provide technical audit of existing implementation

Identify gaps and areas of improvement

Custom implementation recommendations per new business requirements

QA & validation of completed implementation


Improve Data trust by removing old and unused events

Enable end users to trust existing event definitions are accurate

Easily find verified events

Defined process for administration

Custom Scope

Data Governance

A well maintained dataset is critical to data trust, analytical efficiency, and user adoption. Dataset maintenance is the practice of adhering to a well-founded data governance strategy. Our Heap experts can help you establish a consolidated data governance approach to ensure clean & trusted dataset in your Heap account.


Initial consultation on overall approach

Perform governance audit and define maintenance processes

Deliverable of runbook containing best practices for organizing and naming events, permissioning strategy, and more


Institutes best practices to ensure the organization has a clean and trusted dataset as a foundation for growth

Ensures documentation of the Heap instance to help with potential key person attrition, new employee ramp, and administration.

Enables an organization to generate insights they can trust

Custom Scope

Mobile Implementation

Mobile implementation services for iOS, Android, React Native platforms


Support installation of Heap on mobile frameworks

Confirm autocaptured data matches expectations

Services team builds events and delivers an omni-channel reporting dashboard


Enable automatic event tracking across all available frameworks to ensure consistent user tracking

Create a complete omnichannel view of user behavior in Heap

Learn implementation, event definition, and reporting best practices from Heap experts

Custom Scope for other frameworks

Insights (Reporting & Analysis)

Highly recommended for customers who lack in-house resources or expertise to build reports in Heap. Our expert analysts will help build baseline reporting & dashboards so you can focus on key insights and move fast to make relevant product changes.

Sample Use Cases

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Account Expansion

Feature Adoption

Account Health Analysis


Deep-dive into your product and use case

Provide event enrichment recommendations and validation

Create reports and dashboards to generate key insights


Improve time to value

Quickly receive insights and analysis

Custom Scope

Data Driven Bootcamp

Change management coaching that is rich in templates and best practices to help with the faster adoption and enablement of Heap at your organization.


Perform needs assessment so that content can be tailored to your organization

Provide 7 (or more) workshops geared at either product leaders or product practitioners

Deliverable of templates and best practices for the team to utilize once the program is complete


Improves the data maturity of your product team

Drives the organizational change required to truly utilize an analytics tool

Aligns product teams on how they can and should use data within their key workflows

Custom Scope

Account Maintenance

Data Governance review and account clean up with Heap hands-on support.


Establishing a scalable governance strategy

Assessment of the current Heap account to provide best practice recommendations and a step by step guide on account clean up

Hands on support from a Heap expert during clean up process


Institute best practices to promote a clean and trusted dataset as a foundation for growth

Provides a cleaner account to make it easier for Heap users to find the data they want

Enables an organization to generate insights they can trust

Privacy Review

Document, configure and test privacy setup for Session Replay and/or autocapture


Fix any current Session Replay and/or autocapture privacy misconfigurations

Privacy review worksheet to document and implement your account’s specific privacy configurations

Dedicated technical resource to share knowledge and best practices around privacy configuration


Peace of mind that your Heap data and Session Replays will not contain sensitive information 

Enable self-service for Session Replay and autocapture privacy configuration through workshops and documentation