Tap into the Power of your SaaS with Product-Led Growth

Yeah, you read that right. Unless your product is selling itself, you’re not tapping into the power of your product experience.

Meet Heap: the Digital Insights Platform that helps you acquire, convert, engage, and retain your users — using just the product itself.

Product-Led Growth: How to Drive Growth With a PLG GTM

5 Ways to Nail Product-Led Growth (and then Scale It)

The benefits of product-led growth are clear: expanded market reachlower acquisition costs, and higher conversion rates.

But what's the best way to begin a PLG motion at your organization? Download our guide to learn five ways you can nail product-led growth.

Nail PLG

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Heap makes the integration process intuitive and easy to understand, especially for non-developer administrators. You don’t have to do a lot to make it work.

Michael McNeeley

Michael McNeeley

Enterprise Applications Manager

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Scale confidently with the data that drives growth

Activate your Product-Led Growth

With three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Start your Free Trial

  • Step 2: Choose your initial Goal below

  • Step 3: Begin understanding user behavior

  • Aquire

    Measure acquisition performance and lower the cost of acquiring new users.

  • Convert

    Understand where users experience friction and find ways to give them that “a-ha” moment instead.

  • Engage

    Turn passive customers into your biggest advocates by using behavioral insights to make the right product decisions.

  • Retain

    Figure out what drives retention and prioritize the features that best meet customers’ needs.

Helping over 8,000 companies deliver unparalleled digital experiences

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