Trends, Insights, and the Future of Experience Analytics

If you’re currently working on a digital experience, you’re probably thinking about the future. What should we build? What should we change? And, most importantly: How can we measure the effectiveness of all these changes?

It turns out that experience analytics is going through some changes too — changes that will allow you to understand and measure far more about your user journeys than ever before. 

Listen to an insightful fireside chat where Contentsquare and Heap, leaders in experience intelligence, discuss the future of analytics, and how it will change the way teams build digital experiences.

Hear from industry experts Rachel Obstler and Lucie Buisson as they discuss:

  • What the next few years hold for Product Analytics (PA) and Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) 

  • How the combination of Product Analytics and Digital Experience Analytics will enable new ways to understand user behavior

  • How to use Contentsquare and Heap together to improve conversion and retention, and keep the company aligned around a single source of data

Product Analytics Buyer's Guide

What is Product Analytics? Who needs it? What is it good for? And most importantly: how does it help your business?

If you’re wondering about any of these, this is the guide for you.

NEW: Now that Heap is a part of Contentsquare, there’s incredible value from having Product Analytics and Digital Experience Analytics (DXA) on the same platform. See Section 2 of the book to learn more!

Webinar Speakers

  • Lucie Buisson

    Chief Product Officer


  • Rachel Obstler

    Senior Vice President, Product


  • Mona Popli

    Vice President, Product Marketing


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