Atria Senior Living: Smarter Care Options with Modern Data Analytics

For many healthcare organizations, data and technology have boosted to the top of the priority list to support critical decision making. From operations to patient care, access to complete, secure data is transforming the way we experience healthcare. 

Providing speed to insights allows digital teams to understand how users are engaging across all platforms, any friction in their experience, and impacts to conversion. Hear from Heap + Ragnarok (a full-service consulting agency) as we discuss modern data analytics with Atria Senior Living, one of the largest global brands servicing the senior housing industry. 

Hear Atria’s experience switching from GA4 to Heap and how they empowered their Marketing team to better understand not only where users are engaging on their website, but how they’re engaging.

Curious to learn more? See how Heap helps healthcare and healthtech companies manage their data and maintain compliance.

Smarter Data Analytics for Healthcare

Digital teams shouldn’t have to worry about missing the right insights. As the Healthcare industry rapidly grows, industrious teams rely on Heap’s automatic behavioral insights to build the best digital patient experience.