Maximize conversion with Heap's Shopify integration

Heap’s Shopify integration is the fastest, easiest way for eCommerce marketing teams to see exactly what their customers are doing and target them accordingly.

The impact: higher conversion rates, greater average order values, and more repeat purchases.

Illustration showing connection between Heap and Shopify

Hundreds of eCommerce companies convert more customers with Heap + Shopify

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Get immediate insight into customer behavior

Heap’s one-click Shopify integration seamlessly ties data from your web and mobile browsing experiences with data from your Shopify store and A/B testing suite to provide a complete picture of customer behavior — no engineering needed.

With out-of-the-box reporting on key eCommerce metrics, you can quickly get the insights you need to successfully launch new products and campaigns and make smart merchandising decisions.

Screenshot of a funnel report going through the check-out process

Create a seamless online shopping experience

Heap’s real-time dashboards and self-serve reports put customer behavioral data at your fingertips, so you can quickly and easily:

  • Identify where shoppers are abandoning your funnel

  • Simplify your checkout flow

  • Improve product discoverability

  • Increase shoppers’ add-to-cart rate

Learn more about the power of Heap + Shopify

Screenshot showing definition of segment criteria within Heap

Target high-performing segments with personalized campaigns

Heap gives you the tools to precisely segment your audience and tailor your campaigns based on a granular understanding of shoppers’ behavior.

With Heap + Shopify, you can increase your return on marketing spend just by more effectively targeting the shoppers with the highest AOV and LTV.