Problem: understanding your customers’ experience is a challenge. Especially at scale.

If you’re at an enterprise company, you know that businesses today are defined by their digital experiences. 

The problem is that understanding your customers’ experience across your digital surfaces remains a monumental challenge. Especially at the enterprise level.

So much gets in your way. Disconnected tools. Inability to track customers across devices, platforms, or sessions. Difficulty pulling insights out of the data you do have. Data silos. Big gaps in your understanding.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

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Welcome to Heap

Say goodbye to the idea that big equals slow. Take advantage of the digital insights platform tailor-made for enterprises with large, complex products.

No more guessing or feeling out of touch. Now you can quickly understand everything your customers do, see, and feel. Especially at scale. 

Read our complete guide to using data at enterprise companies.

What We Offer:

  • Understand Everything

    Get a full view of every user’s journey across platforms, devices, and sessions. Automated event capture and an easy-to-use data labeling layer lets you easily build complete, accurate behavioral 360 profiles.

  • Insights, Automatically

    Massively reduce time to discovery. Let data science guide you to key friction points in your digital experience. Use Heap’s session replay to “look over the shoulder” of your users.

    Learn how to analyze session recordings to gain insights.

  • Accessibility for Everyone

    Make analytics easy for everybody. Get set up fast with automated event labeling and pre-built reports. Eliminate data silos by keeping everything on a single integrated platform.

  • Connect Everywhere

    Enterprise teams typically adopt Heap in days. Easily connect to your data ecosystem via API, SDKs, and integrations into multiple SaaS applications. Use Heap’s Connect ETL to easily do downstream analysis in your data warehouse.

Screenshot showing how Heap identifies an increase in user engagement on a document platform SAAS website.

Embrace the Future. At Scale.

Finally your enterprise can sprint with startup agility. With lightning-fast time to value, flexible data collection, and real-time insights, it's time to make data-driven decisions at the enterprise level.

Don't let complexity slow you down! Innovate your product at lightning speed. 

Experience the transformation today.

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