How a Major Financial Services Company Improved Conversion 118% with Heap + Blue Green

This major financial services organization offers smart, open-architecture point-of-sale systems for small and medium-sized businesses. Their complete business-management platform enables businesses to maximize their operating efficiencies and grow.

To help supercharge their lead generation, they turned to Blue Green + Heap.

Delivering faster, better insights

Before being introduced to Heap, Blue Green was spending precious time in other client engagements setting up manual tagging in order to get the data needed to inform their optimization efforts. With Heap, Blue Green’s small but mighty team is no longer bogged down by busy work to get the analytics they need for faster, better insights — which is ultimately a better value for their clients. 

"Without Heap in the picture, even simple analysis like this could add days (if not weeks) into project timelines. The time we have to spend with our clients is valuable, and with Heap we’re able to get to actionable insights in the moment and immediately move on to making decisions and executing on those decisions."

In previous client engagements, Blue Green had to rely on requesting data from other teams, which was a slow process that introduced room for error. As a result, they weren’t looking at the data in real-time, which meant catching failures and declaring winners wasn’t happening as quickly they would like. Now the Blue Green team is able to link their clients directly to the reports created in Heap to share insights faster.

Increasing conversion through A/B testing

Blue Green is helping one of their clients, a major FinServ company, increase the number of leads through continuous A/B testing on strategic checkout flows and landing pages. Using Heap’s Graphs and Funnel Analysis modules, the Blue Green team is able to measure the performance of their experiments with full granularity.

“With Heap, we’re able to drill down into granular insights that can help inform future business decisions.”

From data to insight to action

The result? The client has seen a 15.9% increase in engagement (clicks/movement in the direction of conversion), a 67.9% increase in the primary conversion event (online checkouts), and a 118.2% increase in the secondary conversion event (account signups). 

As far as bringing Heap into future partnerships — well, that’s an easy decision for Blue Green.

“Heap goes wherever we go in client services. If it’s relevant to bring Heap into a client engagement, it’s kind of a no-brainer to make that happen.”