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About Gem:

Businesses across the world have closed operations during the coronavirus pandemic, causing millions of people to become unemployed. Hiring freezes and slowdowns have also taken hold across nearly every industry, leading many companies to reevaluate future hiring strategies.

Gem, a company that provides predictive analytics tools that help HR teams find and recruit talent, uses behavioral data to understand the impact of COVID on the hiring patterns of its customer base. To learn more about how Gem has been leveraging behavioral data, we spoke to Gem’s Head of Product, Sarah Koo.


Sarah Koo, Head of Product

“We recently implemented Heap and immediately turned to it with COVID-related questions about how the pandemic has been affecting our customers. We noticed a slight dip in their activities in our product, which is directly related to their decrease in hiring activities due to the current uncertainty.”

This has allowed us to better understand the impact on our existing customer base, identify potential churn risks, and generally set expectations for all parts of the business as we weather the storm.

- Sarah Koo, Head of Product

Top metric they’re watching during COVID-19:

“I’m very interested in the usage of our product. Since we're building tools for recruiting teams to hire the best talent, I check how teams are engaging with our product and if so, how. It’s particularly interesting to see whether that usage has changed over the last several weeks.”

“Since our core functionality relates to reaching out to talent, I keep an eye on sent messages and whether overall product sessions and actions taken, particularly on the front of creating and sharing new content, have been impacted.”

How they’re using Heap:

“The dashboards are my main go-to for information. A single quick chart can instantly show me the answer to "has usage changed since COVID-19?" In just a few clicks and a few minutes of actually looking at the numbers, I can see exactly how product usage has changed and how it’s currently trending.”

To learn more about how Gem helps companies find and hire the best talent, visit their website here:


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