Heap Onboarding Process

Migrating off any tool can be a headache. That's why our experts are here to make things easy for you. We’ve developed a trusted process that makes it simple to get started with Heap and get all the insights you need.

Here's how it works:

  1. Assess
    Together, we do a thorough data maturity review to find gaps and opportunities, and plan next steps. Take our data maturity quiz to get a quick assessment! 

  2. Discover
    We partner with you to clarify your most important business goals and use cases, to set up a plan for success.

  3. Design
    We work with you align and build a project plan with key dates, milestones, and objectives.

  4. Build
    Our professional services team leads an expanded buildout of your Heap environment to give you the dashboards, metrics, and reports that matter most to you. 

  5. Educate
    Our success teams work with you to translate everything GA into Heap, with clear walkthroughs and trainings for every stage.

Package Offerings

  • Quick Start

    Additional dashboard covering audience, acquisition, and behavioral metrics

    Up to 10 hours of additional event instrumentation

    End user training - 2 additional sessions

    Live Workshop - 1 additional session

  • Quick Start Premium

    Live Workshops - 2 additional sessions

    End User Training - 2 additional sessions

    Up to 100 additional professional services hours to be used for the following:

    • Expanded support for integrating Heap data into existing warehouse and BI reporting.
    • Event instrumentation
    • Additional Reporting needs