Heap Acquires Session Replay Leader Auryc

Heap launches market’s only fully comprehensive quantitative and qualitative digital insights platform to rapidly analyze customer experiences.

Heap, the digital insights leader trusted by over 9,000 companies worldwide, announced the acquisition of digital experience leader Auryc, to provide the market’s only comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analytics in a single solution. The combined Heap + Auryc solution will provide fast moving teams with a complete data set, natively integrated data science, and qualitative analytics for an unparalleled understanding of their user’s digital behavior to quickly and confidently make decisions and improve digital experiences. Heap also announced that as part of the acquisition, Auryc’s CEO Jinlin Wang will join Heap’s executive leadership in the newly created position of Chief Strategy Officer. 

With the addition of Auryc’s session replay, heat mapping, and Voice of Customer (VoC) capabilities, Heap is able to supplement its quantitative capabilities with well-mastered qualitative capabilities. Others in the market are restricted by rudimentary solutions, siloed approaches, and broken workflows that limit the speed and benefits of digital insights. Heap’s comprehensive solution is expected to be generally available in summer 2022.

The combined solution complements Heap’s unique open platform strategy which allows companies to buy in the manner that makes the most sense to their business. To integrate session replay with Heap’s powerful quantitative analytics, companies now have two options – a market first. They can either purchase Heap’s comprehensive native solution, or they can leverage Heap’s Open APIs to integrate their session replay tool of choice, including LogRocket, Heap’s first qualitative solutions partner.

Heap’s comprehensive solution eliminates the problem of broken workflows and siloed quantitative and qualitative solutions that can’t be fully leveraged without each other. When used individually, quantitative solutions can’t be reinforced with qualitative verification and qualitative analytics can’t be viewed in the context of quantitative insight. In an April, 2022 blog post by Forrester VP and principal analyst Brandon Purcell, he writes: “One team may focus on producing qualitative insights while another focuses on producing quantitative insights, and never the twain shall meet. The result is a jumble of highly detailed jigsaw pieces that fail to come together to solve a holistic customer puzzle.” Companies can only maximize the value of each when they are used together. On September 2, 2021, Purcell @bcpurcell tweeted that “quantitative and qualitative customer research go together like chocolate and peanut butter.” 

No other platform today brings together such powerful capabilities for a complete understanding of the entire digital journey. Heap’s sequential and combined approach helps teams accelerate time to insight and value:

  • Complete dataset: Autocaptures and enriches every digital interaction from every customer including each click, swipe, and form submission on every page

  • Data Science: Combs through the data and proactively pinpoints areas of user friction and opportunity, including areas where you never thought to look. Assists with prioritization of important fixes and features to improve user experience

  • Qualitative insights: Leverages integrated Session Replay for 1-click views of critical portions of the most important user sessions. Validates user friction and provides insight into customer motivations based on actual behavior. Highlights user comments related to those sessions via integrated VoC capabilities

“Today’s fast-moving digital companies require a full end-to-end understanding of their user’s journey so they can optimize and create the best digital experiences,” said Ken Fine, CEO of Heap Analytics. “The combined Heap plus Auryc solution is a game changer, providing the only comprehensive native insights platform that illuminates hidden points of friction and then quickly pinpoints these moments with visual replay so that companies can know what's really going on and take immediate action.”

With Heap, customers can not only quantify friction, but see it in context. The combined solution allows companies to surface, see, and solve customer frustrations faster than any other solution on the market. Only Heap’s native quantitative and qualitative solution provides the following:

  • Less searching, more learning: Heap’s data science layer automatically surfaces key friction points, eliminating hours of endless searching 

  • Streamlined support: Support team members can decrease response and resolution times by observing the moments that led to a request

  • Better feedback for confident action: Leverage combined quantitative and qualitative capabilities (surveys + session recordings + data science + most complete data) to drive action based on trusted insights

  • Democratize trusted data: Validate hypotheses without technical expertise

  • Meaningful insights for every team: Multiple ways for teams to access insights (charts, surveys, recordings) for greater understanding across functional teams

We share Heap’s vision to 'create a better digital world' and are excited to join forces with Heap, who’s trusted by over 9,000 companies worldwide, to deliver the most advanced digital insights in a single solution,” said Jinlin Wang, former Auryc CEO and Heap Chief Strategy Officer. “With the new platform, our customers have the combined power of quantitative and qualitative analytics to quickly and confidently take action.” 

"With combined quantitative and qualitative capabilities, we can quickly and efficiently understand hidden friction points that are inhibiting our user's experience. Now, we can rapidly identify, reproduce and fix elusive errors and issues, improving user satisfaction and sales along the way,” says David Lewitt, Divisional CIO at PartyCity.

For more information about Heap Analytics go to heap.io.


About Heap 

Heap is the future of digital insights. Heap’s low-code, easy-to-use digital analytics software illuminates key digital behaviors and pinpoints valuable quantitative and qualitative insights so teams can quickly act with confidence and create the best possible digital experiences. Over 8,000 businesses trust Heap to increase revenue, improve conversion, accelerate decision-making, and drive business impact at scale.

About Auryc

Auryc, is a category leader in Customer Journey Analytics, Session Replay, and Product Analytics. With Auryc, companies can quickly move beyond mere Customer Experience alerts and analytics to gain full context into what impacts performance, why and where it's happening so teams can focus and prioritize. 


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