Heap Unveils Heap Illuminate, A Suite of Tools that Proactively Surface “Unknown Unknowns” in User Behavior

Heap, the leading digital insights platform, today announced the release of Heap Illuminate, a suite of capabilities that automatically surface high-impact insights about user behavior on customers’ websites and digital products. By leveraging a Data Science layer built to natively integrate with Heap’s complete, automatically-captured behavioral dataset, Heap Illuminate slashes the time it takes to locate high-value information, and can uncover large portions of the user journey that remain invisible to digital experience teams using other analytics platforms.

“Anonymized data from thousands of digital experiences shows that 38% of funnels leave out a key user action,” says Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap. “For teams trying to build great digital experiences, this is critical information about user behavior. Because we automatically collect all behavioral data from customers’ sites, we can leverage data science to quickly identify the events and correlations teams are missing, eliminate blind spots in their data, and automatically highlight the insights that will most impact the business.”

In releasing these features, Heap is advancing its mission of empowering teams to make better, more data-driven decisions. A recent Heap-sponsored survey found that only 24% of product teams say they have full insight into the user journey on their site, and only 16% of teams say they know why most customers drop off their site.

“Without tools that can actively surface events or behaviors teams are not tracking, it’s just too easy to miss out on major opportunities,” says Rachel Obstler, VP Product at Heap. “Heap Illuminate was built to empower teams to move quickly by rapidly anticipating trends in the market and identifying key areas for prioritization. This keeps teams aligned and focused, and eliminates the worry that they’ll work for weeks or months only to realize they’ve missed something essential.”

“Thanks to the insights surfaced by Heap about our nomination flow, we saw double-digit increases in nomination starts and submissions,” says Jack Canning, Senior Director of Digital Analytics & Optimization at Workhuman, a Heap customer. “Heap helped us look at our award nomination funnel much more granularly by surfacing the time and effort that users spent on each step of the flow, which helped us prioritize where to focus. Now our first question doesn’t have to be 'can we track that?,' and is instead 'what does this data mean?'”

This new announcement comes on the heels of six straight quarters of record-breaking growth at Heap, as well as a number of recent announcements, including the appointment of Ken Fine as CEO, and of David Fullerton and Rachel Obstler as VP Engineering and VP Product, respectively. The past year also saw Heap expand its customer base to more than 8,000 and increase employee count from 150 to over 250 as the company prepares for its next stage of growth.

Heap's mission is to power business decisions with truth. We empower fast-moving digital teams to focus on what matters — building the best digital experiences — not wrestling with their analytics platform. Heap automatically collects and organizes all customer behavioral data, allowing product managers to improve their products with maximum agility. Over 8,000 businesses use Heap to drive business impact by delivering better experiences and better products. Visit the Heap website to learn more.