Heap brings single-click session replay to market with new integrated capabilities that accelerate insights to match the speed of today’s demanding digital consumer

Heap launches first fully integrated digital analytics platform that combines both product analytics and session replay to quickly understand friction points and improve customer experiences

Heap, the leading digital insights provider, today announced the general availability of the industry’s first fully integrated single-click session replay capabilities in a digital insights platform. Heap’s integrated capabilities leverage powerful product analytics and session replay for unparalleled speed to insight and time to action – greatly enhancing customer experiences, satisfaction and lifetime value. With Heap, businesses can save money and streamline their entire analytics stack. Now you can capture the user’s entire digital journey (every click, swipe and form submission), automatically highlight points of friction and, finally, understand the “why” behind the “what” – all in a single solution.

Heap’s new capabilities enable teams across the organization to quickly pinpoint friction points and improve the experience of increasingly demanding customers who can, and often do, swap brands with the click of a button. A recent Sitecore report shows that 63 percent of Gen Z don’t have the patience for clunky websites, and 37 percent will abandon a purchase and are quick to post a negative review on social media when they have experienced a poor digital experience. 

Heap’s new single-click session replay has already proven to be a game changer for all-in-one software maker SanityDesk. “Heap has enabled us to analyze user behavior quantitatively, and with Session Replay we've really sped up our analysis,” said Krzysztof Rusnarczyk, VP of Research and Design for SanityDesk. “It's really powerful to have a platform where you can analyze users' behavior beyond just the numbers by actually watching how they behave."

Now, in a matter of seconds, teams can rapidly locate areas of opportunities or concern across the customer journey such as events that lead to high conversion or places where users are dropping off the site. Teams can leverage this insight to quickly make changes to improve digital experiences.

“Heap is defining the future of digital insights with the only integrated solutions that automatically captures the entire user journey, highlights friction within that journey and then enables single-click session replay to better understand those friction points,” said Ken Fine, CEO of Heap.  “Customers need a single integrated suite that enables them to find more impactful insights, do so faster and with less effort and cost.”

Success today requires a fundamentally different approach to continuously improve the customer’s online experience. Heap’s newly integrated session replay leapfrogs broken legacy approaches that are slow, incomplete and disconnected. Old school manual processes for capturing digital journey data are slow, often requiring resource intensive engineering time, which can delay insights by days and weeks. These manual approaches also only capture a small, incomplete subset of the digital journeys, missing the variety of paths that users actually take. Finally, legacy solutions treat product analytics, session replay and voice of the customer as disconnected solutions increasing time to insight and inviting errors as teams toggle back and forth between separate products.

With Heap’s new session replay capabilities teams can:

  • Build a funnel, then view sessions cued to the events in that funnel.

  • Easily view sessions that matter, before and after the action you care about.

  • Use Heap Illuminate to identify the key events between the already defined steps in your funnel, and instantly view sessions of those events. 

  • Easily define an event with visual labeling then watch instant replays to make sure you’re tracking the thing you care about - a new standard in governance and data trust.

  • Quickly support customer service inquiries by pulling up the user’s exact session for review and discussion.

  • Eliminate broken workflows and time consuming back and forth between different tools by having all your digital analytics tools in one place.

  • Heap’s announcement follows their recent acquisition of Auryc, a leader in session replay, heat mapping, and Voice of Customer capabilities, which will all be integrated in Heap’s digital insights platform. 

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About Heap 

Heap is the future of digital insights, providing the best alternative to slow, incomplete and disconnected legacy analytics. Heap’s low-code, easy-to-use digital analytics software provides the quickest time to insights, which marketing teams can use to create the best possible user experiences to accelerate their business. Over 8,000 businesses trust Heap to increase revenue, improve conversion, accelerate decision-making and drive business impact at scale.