Heap Delivers Solutions at Speed for Enterprises of Any Size and Complexity

Heap, the leading digital insights provider, today introduced new updates to its platform. These updates provide even more robust support for large enterprises. Heap already offers many tools in a single platform. Now the company has upgraded its data analysis tools to more quickly handle large data sets. The new capabilities allow enterprises to understand actions users take across all platforms. They also allow companies to know why users take those actions. Heap’s platform can be leveraged by enterprises across the globe or start-ups of any size. 

Data collection at large companies has long posed challenges. This includes missing data, increasingly complex customer journeys and hard to use tools. Together, these challenges prevent a full view of the end-to-end customer journey. 

Enterprise customers have an opportunity to more deeply connect with customers when they utilize a digital insights platform. Heap’s platform illuminates a consumer’s thoughts, cares and sheds light on where they are getting stuck. With a powerful digital insights platform, companies can make improvements based on usage and respond to changing needs and market trends in real-time. 

Heap’s updated capabilities guide digital product teams to understand the customer journey across platforms, products, and accounts. Session replay, heatmaps, and mobile autocapture have all been updated to handle increased scale, privacy, and analysis requirements for the modern digital enterprise. Heap's single platform makes quantitative and qualitative analytics accessible to every team in your organization.

“We're thrilled to unveil our latest platform updates. Companies of any size can access meaningful data and achieve speed to insight,” said Rachel Obstler, CPO of Product at Heap. “Heap enables enterprises to collect millions of customer journeys across platforms and devices. Customers can understand the user journey at scale. This gives them the insights to take action against pain points.”

“With our innovations, we're rewriting the rules. Achieving agility and precision, regardless of scale,” said Ken Fine, CEO of Heap. “Heap’s power allows swift navigation over the intricacies of the product lifecycle. Companies can outpace their competitors. They can capitalize on opportunities. And they can achieve exceptional business outcomes with remarkable speed."

This announcement complements other recent innovations from Heap, including heat maps and Journeys. To see what Heap can do for your company’s data needs, sign up for a platform demo here

About Heap 

Heap is the future of digital insights, providing the best alternative to costly, slow and inaccurate legacy analytics. Heap’s low-code, easy-to-use digital analytics software provides the quickest time to insights, which marketing teams can use to create the best possible digital experiences and accelerate their business. Over 8,000 businesses trust Heap to increase revenue, improve conversion, accelerate decision-making and drive business impact at scale.