Heap Launches Mobile Software Development Kits

New SDKs enable customers to understand and optimize cross-platform customer experiences with best-in-class mobile autocapture and insights

Heap, the leading digital analytics provider, today announced the expansion of their mobile autocapture capabilities to new development frameworks for Android and iOS. Heap's comprehensive platform enables mobile teams to understand and optimize cross-platform customer experiences in a field that desperately needs these kinds of solutions. The cross-platform customer experience allows customers to reach the quickest time to insight so they can create the best possible digital experiences and accelerate their business, above and beyond what other tools can provide. 

The Heap platform alleviates the pain of having to juggle multiple tools and datasets across platforms. Furthermore, it offers a complete picture of the customers' profile, combining manual and autocapture together for an optimal solution that is faster, more complete, and more connected than other tools on the market. Product builders can compare how customer behavior differs across platforms, easily build segments and cohorts, and get deeper insights into user preference for features on mobile versus web. This helps inform the right investments in their product portfolio and finally provides mobile-first companies with an unparalleled solution in the market. 

"Mobile usage has become an integral part of how people interact with brands and businesses, and they expect a seamless experience," said Ken Fine, CEO of Heap. "Our mobile solution will help modern mobile teams quickly understand their users' behavior so they can optimize and enhance their mobile offerings to drive growth."

Key benefits of the mobile analytics solution include: 

  • Complete, trusted datasets across all devices:

    • Product builders will have access to all data, making it trustworthy and valuable for making real-time decisions.

  •  Automated tracking: 

    • Most solutions require manual tagging, which is slow and costly. Heap’s solution is different. It automatically tags data and provides visibility into previously hidden opportunities in the mobile customer experience, leading to informed decisions.  

  • Supercharged segmentation and quality insights:

    • Utilizing Heap’s autocapture capabilities to gather quantitative and qualitative data across all platforms of the customer journey leads to quality and actionable insights. 

To learn more about Heap’s mobile analytics platform visit here.

About Heap

Heap is the future of digital insights, providing the best alternative to costly, slow and inaccurate legacy analytics. Heap’s low-code, easy-to-use digital analytics software provides the quickest time to insights, which marketing teams can use to create the best possible digital experiences and accelerate their business. Over 8,000 businesses trust Heap to increase revenue, improve conversion, accelerate decision-making and drive business impact at scale.