A session you don't want to miss! eTrade’s Customer Story

From Click-to-Cash: Optimizing Customer Experiences that Increase Revenue Through Accelerated Analytics with Heap and Snowflake

When: Tuesday June 14th @ 11:30AM PST | Where: CL104

Learn how E*TRADE/Morgan Stanley decreased time-to-insight from weeks to hours with Heap & Snowflake. We'll share how we were able to create a Customer 360 across our web & mobile apps supporting 5+ digital products, which until now was not possible.

  • Yung Chan

    Executive Director, ETRADE/Morgan Stanley

Heap + Snowflake

  • Build a complete Customer 360 with Heap + Snowflake

    Heap is the easiest and fastest way to automatically capture and organize user journey data from websites, digital products, and mobile apps and seamlessly send it to Snowflake (via Data Sharing).

  • Heap Named Snowflake Data Marketplace Partner of the Year

    Heap’s unmatched approach to helping customers illuminate every part of their users’ digital journeys empowers Snowflake users with a holistic view of the customer

  • Northwestern Mutual becomes data driven with Heap

    “Other analytics tools have never had the level of depth or customizability we get with Heap”
    -Joe Pfeiffer, VP Product, Northwestern Mutual